Top 6 Kitchen Storage Solutions

Recently we’ve created two boards on Pinterest centered around storage solutions for the kitchen. This got us thinking…. most people know TheRTAStore for our beautiful ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and excellent customer service. But what you may not know is we also have a line of fantastic accessories and storage solutions for your kitchen as well.

Check out our list of RTAStore’s top 6 favorite storage solutions for your kitchen!

Wood Spice Dividers

We all have tons of those little tiny spice bottles in our kitchen cabinets. They can be a real pain to store because they all come in so many different sizes and they take up unnecessary space inside your cabinet. At TheRTAStore we’ve got a great solution for that!

Our graduated shaped Wood Spice Dividers—which are cut-to-size and made from birch wood—let you see and store all of your spices neatly inside a kitchen drawer.

Cabinet Sink Trays

This is one of our favorites! Cabinet sink trays are a fantastic way to utilize space that would ordinarily not be used. It’s a great way to store and keep sponges off of your sink and counter top. Our set includes one conventional open tray and one accessory tray with a ring holder and soap dish.

Single Pullout Waste Baskets

Another nifty idea to help get rid of the clutter around the kitchen is to store your trash cans and recycling bins inside your kitchen cabinets with our Single Pullout Waste Baskets.

Our Single Pullout Waste Baskets can be installed in a 15” wide base cabinet and come with one waste basket.

Base Filler Pullout

At TheRTAStore we want to make sure you’re using every inch of functional space in your kitchen cabinets. Our Base Filler Pullout is a narrow pull out that creates storage between cabinets and features adjustable shelving so you can customize your storage needs.


TheRTAstore Base Filler Pull Out


Trimmable Wood Knife Block Tray

Our Trimmable Wood Knife Block Tray is an excellent way to keep the clutter off the kitchen counter. The knife block tray is made of maple and is ready out of the box with 19 slots for knives and separate compartments for other utensils.

Wood Knife Block Tray

Cookware Organizer

Gone are the days when you open your kitchen cabinets and all of your pots and pans come crashing down on you! Store your pots and pans safely and neatly with our Cookware Organizer system.

Our Cookware Organizer system features a two-level chrome wire sliding system and is ideal for lids on the top row, and pots and pans on the bottom row.

We’ve only mentioned a few of our kitchen storage solutions in this article and have many more excellent ways to help you store and organize items in your kitchen. Visit our website and check out our kitchen cabinet accessories online today!