How To Keep Your Copper Sink Looking Like New

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Copper kitchen sinks add an interesting and beautiful element to the kitchen — and we’re not the only ones who think so. Their unique color and eye-catching contrast have earned them entry into many homes. So how do you keep your copper sink from tarnishing, and maintain the beauty and luster that stole your heart? Here we’ll share some do’s and don’ts that can be applied when cleaning and maintaining copper kitchen sinks.

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  1. Don’t use stainless steel scouring pads or steel wool.

The absolute worst thing you can do to a copper sink is try to clean it with a metal scrub pad. No matter how dirty your sink gets, don’t reach for a stainless steel scouring pad or steel wool. These rough sponges will scratch the surface of your copper sink.

  1. Don’t be lazy and leave things in the sink.

One easy way to ruin your copper sink is to let items sit for hours or (even worse) overnight. Even a damp sponge can be dangerous! While some kitchen sinks are more resistant to stains and water damage than others, copper is not one of them. This material can become stained or spotted if water or debris is left sitting on its surface. Prevent this from happening by loading the dishwasher immediately after you’re done eating. Purchase a sponge holder or sink caddy to store your sponges and brushes, and always wipe your sink dry with a clean cloth after use.

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  1. Don’t let other cleaning solutions get on your copper sink.

You may occasionally use bleach in your kitchen or need to remove a clog with a drain cleaner. That’s fine! Just make sure these powerful cleaning agents don’t make contact with your copper sink. They can alter your sink’s finish and drastically change its look.

The same goes for all-purpose cleaners, which have a variety of different ingredients that could stain or discolor your copper sink. Using these on your countertops is not a problem, but be aware that they should not be sprayed in or around the edges of your sink.

  1. Do routinely wash your sink to keep it looking new.

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One of the easiest ways to stop kitchen sinks from aging is to routinely wash them with a little dishwashing liquid and water. For stubborn stains, you could also make a paste using baking soda and water. After you clean your dishes and cookware, make it a habit to wash down your sink as well. If you make this part of your daily routine, your copper sink will maintain its vibrancy for years to come.

  1. Do keep a dry cloth nearby.

Avoiding moisture is key in keeping the color and consistency of copper. Always wipe the sink down after washing your hands or doing dishes. By not leaving drops of water in the sink, you will stop spots and stains from forming.

  1. Occasionally use a copper cleaner to polish and protect the surface.

While a little dishwashing liquid and water will suffice on most days, you may occasionally want to polish up your sink by using a copper cleaner. Usually made of wax, these products protect and preserve copper to help maintain its luster.

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