How To Transform A Hectic Home Office Into A Tranquil Retreat

A home office should be a space of solitude where you can be your most productive self. Away from the noise and chaos, a home office puts a physical divide between your work life and personal life. But whether you work from home or only use your office occasionally, that’s not always the case. Clutter can creep up fast and quickly diminish any hope of productivity. From the types of cabinets you should choose, to organization tips and friendly boundaries, here are some tips for how to transform a hectic home office into a dreamy tranquil retreat.

Stay organized with a custom set of office cabinetry.

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At The RTA Store, you’ll find different types of cabinets to suit your home office needs. Create a design that will complement your space, and provide adequate storage for organizing all of your tools and supplies.

If you are designing a home office for the first time, you may not know how much storage space is enough. The best way to estimate what you’ll need is by making a list of any item you have (or plan on getting) that you’d like to store in an office cabinet. Don’t forget about printers and other bulky items that are traditionally left out but could just as easily be stored behind closed doors.

If the process gets overwhelming, don’t hesitate to contact our design team. We’re here to help you navigate the different types of cabinets, and design the perfect layout for your home office with our complimentary design services.

Keep it behind closed doors with inside cabinet accessories.

Having a great set of office cabinetry is the first step to organization, but don’t forget what follows. Tray dividers, bins, and baskets can ensure everything behind your office cabinet doors stays where it should. Use these storage solutions to give everything a proper place. From printer paper to spare pens and paper clips, you can easily maintain order with a few labeled containers.

Speaking of labels… Why not make your organization system foolproof by labeling each container and file? Not only will labels make clean up easier, you’ll also never have to spend hours sorting through cluttered file cabinets or drawers again.

Let your mood inspire your décor.

7-27-18 RTA3-Roosevelt WhiteForget what you know about a traditional office and instead let your mood inspire the décor you choose. If nothing makes you happier than a day at the beach, fill your space with calming blue shades and lots of natural light. While your home office should obviously be a place where you do work, it should all be your happy place.

If you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else while working, try incorporating some houseplants into your design to boost positivity and improve creativity. Background noise can also help you concentrate, so install some speakers so that you can keep your perfect playlist on loop.

Set clear boundaries with your loved ones.

If you share your home with others, it’s important to set some ground rules about your home office. You can organize your home office perfectly and create a thousand labels, but it won’t mean a thing if the rest of your household doesn’t respect the space.

Let your loved ones know that this area is exclusively yours for doing work, and shouldn’t be used as a place to play or eat. If you’re okay with your four-legged friend or children using the floor space as their play area, then set up a bin in the corner of the room so that toys can be put away after using. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to their workspace. Acknowledge what yours are and make sure everyone else in your home is on the same page.

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