5 Great Kitchen Space Ideas

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. Traditionally it’s a place for informal dining and entertaining family and friends. When you’re considering redesigning your kitchen, how do you know where to start? Check out a few of TheRTAStore great kitchen space ideas to help get your creative design concepts flowing.

Idea #1: Planning

Before you go choosing paint colors, materials, and furnishings, take some time to really do your homework. Good space planning is key before starting any major renovation project. Work with a professional designer or one of TheRTAStore qualified store designers and come up with a great layout for how you will use your kitchen space.

Space planning will help you to visualize whether or not you have room for a kitchen island or an eat-in kitchen. It will also help you to see how many kitchen cabinets you can fit into your space and how much storage you’ll get with your new layout. Seeing how things look on paper or in the 3D virtual world will help you stick to your budget and help you to make better choices when it comes to selecting finishes and furnishings.

Idea #2: Small Kitchen Design Ideas

If you have a small kitchen we’re sure at some point you may have asked yourself, “what can I do with a space this small, and how can I make it feel larger than it actually is?” Some great ideas for making a small space feel larger is to paint the walls a light color. You can also paint the kitchen cabinets the same color as the wall. This makes it seem as if the cabinets are part of the wall by taking away the visible margins.

Choose small scale furniture that doesn’t take up too much floor space. Avoid any unnecessary shelving and design with clean lines. Wherever possible store things in kitchen cabinets or pantry areas. Also try finding other places to store appliances other than kitchen counter tops. Having too many accessories on the counter can make your space feel and look cluttered. If you have solid cabinet doors, replace them with glass front doors. Not only will this help make your space feel larger you can make your dinnerware and glasses a unique kitchen focal point.

Idea #3: Ideas For Creating More Efficient Use Of Space

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, everyone can stand to find better ways to organize the space they currently have. There are so many wonderful accessories and storage options for kitchens these days. If you have lots of cooking utensils, use drawer dividers to help organize all of your cooking tools.

Want to keep your spice cabinet looking neatly organized? Try adding some spice racks to kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Get things up off of horizontal spaces, like kitchen counters and tables by utilizing walls or ceilings to hang items. A ceiling or wall mounted pot rack is a great way to help keep your pots from falling out of the cabinets. If you have large appliances like mixers or blenders that sit on your counters, store them in a pantry or kitchen cabinet to help give you more visual space.

Idea #4: Ideas For Casual Dining

Looking for ways to create more casual dining in your kitchen? If you have the space islands are a great way to have a more informal dining setting. Not only does it provide a great space for friends and family to sit and eat, it also provides additional counter and storage space.

Another great option for casual dining is banquette seating in the kitchen. Banquette seating is a cozy alternative to having a kitchen table and chairs.

Idea #5: Ideas For Adding More Excitement To Your Walls

Are you looking to spice things up in your kitchen? Why not try adding bold bright color in your kitchen to liven up your space. Add a bright color to an accent wall or bring in those bold bright colors through other materials like, a colorful tile backsplash or a fun lively material like recycled glass counter tops.

If paint or tile isn’t for you and you’re looking for something a little more electrifying in your kitchen, choose an exciting wall paper with lots of pattern and texture.

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your ideas for great kitchen spaces.