5 Fantastic Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

If your pantry is just about to overflow and your countertop is starting to look more and more like a kitchen appliances display, it is time to get organized. Finding appropriate places for all your items and learning about the creative storage options available right within your kitchen cabinets is a great place to start. To help you on the road to reclaiming your countertop, we are sharing five fantastic storage solutions for your kitchen.

1. Incorporate Open Shelving

We know the exasperated feeling of going to reach for something and realizing it’s stowed away in your pantry or worse, your garage. Open shelving is a great way to open up some counter space while still allowing you to have easy access to your most used items. Switch over some of your standard kitchen cabinets to open shelving and keep high priority items right where you need them.

2. Store Small Appliances In Kitchen Cabinets

A crowded countertop is not a good look for your kitchen but if you’re like most people you own a fair amount of small appliances and are starting to realize you have little space to store them. Coffee maker, toaster, food processor, George Foreman grill, a high-speed blender, a crock-pot, maybe even a waffle maker… Though we’re not one to stand in the way of culinary greatness, we will politely suggest you look into the different ways kitchen cabinets can store your small appliances. Appliance garages are great for equipment you use daily, and an extendable corner cabinet or roll out drawer is perfect to store those appliances you don’t use as often.

3. Add A Storage Cart To Your Kitchen

Replace one section of your kitchen cabinets with a removable storage cart. When not in use, your storage cart will be neatly tucked away but at just a moments notice can be rolled out and navigated to whichever part of the kitchen you may need it. Storage carts are great for storing baking equipment that you don’t use as often as other kitchenware, but is typically used simultaneously.

4. Add Shelving To Inconspicuous Areas

Less noticeable spots in your kitchen, like on top of the refrigerator, are great places to add additional kitchen cabinets or shelving. The out-of-sight out-of-mind mentality really works, and you will love stashing away all those rarely used serving dishes and gifted pieces you only take out when the giver is in town.

5. Make The Most Of Your Island

If you have a kitchen island you also have some great secret storage space on your hands. Make the most of these extra kitchen cabinets by adding organizers and other kitchen accessories that utilize the space in the best way possible. Stacking a bunch of pots and pans down there? Not the best optimization of your kitchen island storage space. Some of the most useful organizers are wire pullouts (so you can fill kitchen cabinets to the brim but still easily reach items in the far back), door racks (for keeping plastic wrap or aluminum foil) and a sorter (where you can line up plates or lids in an easily accessible and organized manner). Who knew a kitchen island could be such a chic storage unit?