How To Remove And Install New Bathroom Fixtures

When bathroom faucets begin to take a turn for the worse you can easily replace them with updated fixtures. This DIY project won’t cost you much money at all and can help extend the look and life of bathroom vanities and bathtubs. Refer to our guide below to learn how to remove and install new bathroom fixtures.

Installing Bathroom Sink Faucets

Step 1: Whenever you are removing and installing new bathroom fixtures, your first step is to close the water supply.

Step 2: Locate the hot and cold valves and gently loosen them. At the stem of the faucet you will see the compression nut, which you will want to remove completely, along with the nut that holds the faucet to the sink, and finally the faucet itself. (You will need a basin wrench for this step.)

Step 3: Your next step is to remove the P-strap. You do this by first taking off the top nut and then loosening the nut directly attached to the P-strap. You should then be able to remove the P-strap, take off the drain’s pop up lever and unscrew the drain and flange by loosening its lock nut.

Step 4: To install a new faucet, first apply silicone caulk around the holes of bathrooms vanities where the tail pipes will go. Assemble your new faucet by sliding on the gasket, and then pressing in place on top of the caulk.

Step 5: Finish the job under the sink by threading on the basin nuts to attach your new faucet. Tighten up your hot and cold valves and connect your drain plug. It is now safe to turn the water supply back on (unless you are going to install a bathtub faucet next).

Installing Bathtub Faucets

Step 1: Turn on both the hot and cold water to make sure there is no flowing water. When you are sure the water is off, go ahead and unscrew the handles.

Step 2: Removing the handles should expose your valves. You will want to unscrew the stems from the pipes. To make sure you replace your faucet with one that fits your system, consider taking the old faucet to the store to find a similar setup. Also take note of whether your pipe has exterior or interior threads. This is important to know when buying your new faucet.

Step 3: Before installing a new faucet, wrap the pipes with Teflon tape to stop any leaking from occurring. Then attach your new faucet to the pipes, rotating with your hand until the connection is tight. Screw your handles on to the stems.

Step 4: Turn on the water to make sure your new faucet is working properly and there are no leaks. If any water sprays out, your connection may not be tight enough. Try to simply tighten the connection first before removing any new installation.

NOTE: Remember that all faucets are different and some may require a unique setup. Consult the directions or manufacturer’s website for more specific information.
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