The Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Styles

A bathroom is a small space with a lot of possibilities. Homeowners can stick to a simple, more traditional style or venture out with an inspired theme. Here are a few of what we think are the best bathroom styles and what you should know before starting a bathroom remodel in your home. 


With a contemporary style bathroom less is more. Minimalism is key and the focus should be to create a clean, streamlined flow. Choose light, neutral shades or go with a monotone color scheme, which work best in modern bathrooms. Many homeowners also choose to incorporate space-efficient fixtures, such as in-wall toilets and floating bathroom vanities. These additions save space and have a “futuristic” feel. Recessed cabinets and all-glass shower doors can also amplify the airy vibe you’re looking for, and can help make bathrooms seem less crowded.


The Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Styles
More than just a style, a themed bathroom incorporates décor that gives a bathroom a clear identity. Some examples of when a themed bathroom can be the perfect route are in kids bathrooms and vacation homes. For children, you can decorate with playful additions that make the bathroom a fun place. Bath time and brushing teeth don’t have to be a bore in a colorful, inviting space. Shore homes and lake houses can be more of a getaway with a nautical theme that can include anything from seashell paint stenciling to sailboat frames.


Romantic bathrooms should be dreamy and stately. Think elegant bathroom vanities and freestanding claw foot bathtubs. Complement the room with grand features, such as large, ornate framed mirrors and hanging chandeliers. For colors, stick with a white foundation and then accent with pastels or rich pinks to pull it all together. Decorate with plush bathroom mats and towels, and sweet-smelling candles.


Some people like their bathroom to be an oasis, a peaceful escape where serenity can easily be achieved. Set the mood by choosing calming colors like blue or grey and go from there. When creating a spa bathroom, it’s all about you. How do you envision yourself relaxing? Is it in a massaging rain shower that can melt your stress away or a chaise where you can lounge while your pedicure dries? Imagine the most serene setting and use that as your guide.


County styled bathrooms are rustic and slightly worn-in. Think unfinished touches that feel warm and homely. You can achieve the look of a little wear-and-tear by aging bathroom vanities and cabinets (a DIY paint project you can do yourself) and adding earthy elements, like potted plants and floral prints. Stick with natural wood cabinets and shelving, which have an outdoorsy feel. Paint choices should be dark and masculine, such as a rich navy or forest green. If you prefer a country-chic style, consider vintage inspired walls in a peppy mint green or a bold stripe design.
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