5 Hot Trends That Will Turn Your Bathroom into a Retreat

Most of us will admit that our bathrooms aren’t places we’d call luxurious or relaxing. In fact, we usually only go in them out of necessity or when nature calls. However, the latest bathroom trends show that we’re changing the way we think about our bathrooms. Take a look at these five hot trends that are all about turning this utilitarian space into a calming retreat that’s fabulous, functional, and space savvy.  
1. Eco-friendly fixtures.  
Reducing water waste is the main focus of this “green” trend. The Environmental Protection Agency is even supporting water conservation with their WaterSense Label which helps you easily identify products that are water efficient. Look for water-saving fixtures like hands-free faucets, low-flow shower heads, and dual flush toilets, like The Delphinus Dual Flush Toilet. It’s WaterSense certified and the bowl is coated with a stain-resistant polish that makes it easier to keep clean. While most trends come and go, this one has staying power!
2. Luxurious add-ons.
This trend is all about taking the bathroom from ho-hum to high-class. Radiant floor heating? Check. Walk-in shower. Check. Heated toilet seat. Yes, please. Adding luxuries like these to the bathroom will make it a place you’ll never want to leave. However, all these add-ons can get pricey, so start small. The Prato Thermostatic Shower Massage Panel will make your morning shower feel more indulgent with four water output options, massage water jets and a water pressure control.
3. A floating vanity.
While it doesn’t defy gravity, a floating vanity will give your bathroom a more spacious appearance. This is a great option if you’ve got a smaller bathroom without a lot of floor space. Floating vanities attach directly to the wall to create a more streamlined look. Check out the Nano Modern Bathroom Vanity for a small hall bath or the Largo Modern Bathroom Vanity with double sinks for the master.
4.An overall seamless look.  
This trend is all about creating a streamlined look that’s calming and inviting. In a survey, The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) found consumers want bathrooms with simple lines and not a lot of excess. A hallmark of seamless design is a shower without a threshold to step over. Instead, the bathroom floor tile is carried into the shower area and frameless glass doors are installed to create a seamless look. Sleek vanities, like the Malibu Double Bathroom Vanity fit right into this trend. The smooth, flat front cabinets and lack of hardware are simple, yet stylish.
5. Universal design elements.

Universal design is all about creating a space that’s usable by people of all different ages and abilities. Features like shower benches, comfort-height toilets, and grab bars for the shower and toilet are trending up because they make bathrooms more usable and functional in the long run. If you’re thinking about remodeling the bathroom, consider adding universal design features to it.