Trends to Watch in Bathroom Remodeling for 2018

Chances are, if you like it, it’s trending this year when it comes to bathroom remodeling ideas. The phrase “go big or go small” will also work when you update your bathroom in 2018 style. Whether you’re looking for “farmhouse chic,” “a day at the spa,” or you just want to save the planet, there’s bound to be a bathroom design trend that suits your personality and budget.

#1: Seamless Style

Traditional designs in bathroom upgrades never go out of style. Inspiration for a timeless and classic bathroom can start with casual white tile mosaic flooring, featuring gray accents. To enhance this, when it comes to your bathroom cabinets and vanity, flat-panel white cabinets paired with white walls and a pedestal sink will round out your new room in a clean and fresh way.

#2: Farmhouse Chic

If you’ve been watching the DIY television shows, you’ve undoubtedly come across farmhouse-style bathrooms. This transitional look features exquisitely made wood cabinets and trendy quartz countertops, topped off with brushed-nickel fixtures, all surrounded by painted walls. For 2018, a color trend we’re seeing begins with a palette of white and gray, with hues of blue. Accessorize with free-standing bathtubs and curbless showers for a chic, elegant look.

#3: A Day at the Spa

From steam showers and massaging whirlpool tubs to vessel style dual vanities, spa-inspired bathrooms will continue to be a big hit in 2018. After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than a soothing sanctuary right in your own home. Simple paint ideas include using neutral, earthy colors that have a relaxing feel. Here are a few must-haves for your spa bathroom:

  • Install dimmers for ambient lighting
  • Update your tiles to faux wood for a warm, textured look
  • Go big with an oversized whirlpool tub
  • Add a tub tray for essential oils and candles, and a towel warmer for a touch of luxury

#4: Eco-Friendly

In recent years, trends toward sustainable home building have been popping up everywhere. Things to consider when planning an eco-friendly bathroom remodel are to install a low-flow toilet and shower head to conserve water. Another great idea is to install motion-sensor faucets; this will really save the day as water is wasted at rapid rates in a bathroom sink. Energy-efficient vent fans are a fantastic way to keep moisture down and cut energy usage, too.

#5: High-Tech Smart

With 58 percent of people using their mobile devices in their personal bathrooms, it’s understandable why technology is taking bathroom design to a whole new level this year. Here are a few things to consider before you start your high-tech bathroom remodel:

  • Digital showers that allow each user to set their perfect preferences
  • Motion-activated, heated toilet seats and covers – these can include self-cleaning bidets, deodorizers, foot warmers, illuminated panels, Bluetooth capabilities, and more
  • Smart faucets that sense when you are approaching
  • Medicine cabinets with television screens integrated into the door