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5 Bathroom Improvements Mom Will Love

Give Mom a luxurious place to retreat and relax with a new and improved bathroom for Mother’s Day. She deserves a place to unwind, but let’s be honest, the bathroom can sometimes resemble a war zone. Wow her with these 5 bathroom improvements she’s sure to love and that will turn the chaos into a calming retreat. 

1. A double sink bathroom vanity. 

Bathroom vanities are one the most used places in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Mom’s usually left sharing with you and the kids. Double sink bathroom vanities give Mom a little space to herself where she can get ready without having to share the mirror or sink. If you’re bathroom is on the small side try a double pedestal sink. It won’t provide as much storage space, but it’ll still give her a sink to call her own. For a little more storage, try mirrored medicine cabinets above each sink.

2. More storage space. 

Another bathroom improvement Mom will love is the addition of new bathroom cabinets. Bathroom cabinets conceal clutter giving the space a more calm and clean appearance. Plus, she’ll have room to store her makeup, beauty tools and bath essentials all in one place. TheRTAStore has beautiful ready-to-assemble (RTA) bathroom cabinets that’ll turn the bathroom into a gorgeous getaway. 

3. A bathtub. 

There are few things more relaxing than a nice long soak in a tub. If you only have a shower, a freestanding tub could be just the ticket for making her Mother’s Day. Just be sure to give her uninterrupted time to enjoy it along with a nice bottle of bubble bath. 

4. Tile. 

Whether it’s around the wall of the existing shower or on the floor, installing tile is one bathroom improvement Mom is sure to love. Tile transforms a normal bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere. White tile will add an air of elegance to the bathroom, while colored tile will lends a cheerful touch. It’s a good idea to hire a professional to do the installation!

5. Luxurious bath towels. 

Give her a set of new plush bath towels for her use only. It’ll be a nice break from the everyday cotton towels that the rest of the family uses. Get them monogrammed for an added touch and so everyone else knows who they belong to!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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