5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

If you’ve ever walked into an oversized master suite bathroom with cluttered countertops you know space isn’t always the solution. Even those with endless square footage and spacious bathroom vanities face the difficult task of organizing a bathroom. The key to creating balance is focusing on the essentials and utilizing creative avenues for organizing the items in your bathroom. Here are five easy ways to get started.

1. Purge Medicine Cabinets

Cluttered Bathroom CountertopsOne of the main reasons people experience an overflow from their medicine cabinets onto their countertops is lack of priority. If your medicine cabinets are stocking your first aid supplies, that “special occasion” perfume, and expired vitamins, it’s no wonder your countertops are cluttered.

Take a realistic look at your daily necessities. This is your toothpaste, contacts, face wash and cream, daily medications, and anything else you grab for everyday. These are the only items that should be in your medicine cabinets. Store first aid supplies in a designated kit, and those expired vitamins? They don’t need to stick around for another year. When you put necessities in their proper place, your medicine cabinets will become much more organized and clutter will be conquered!

2.  Create Additional Storage in a Bathroom with a Pedestal Sink

When choosing a pedestal sink in lieu of bathroom vanities, you gain a lovely element of design but lose a lot of storage space. And while over the toilet cabinets are great for managing the daily necessities, there are a lot of larger odds and ends that will be looking for a home. Floor storage is a great solution in a bathroom with a pedestal sink. A stand alone bathroom linen cabinet, chest, or bathroom floor cabinet will offer additional space for toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products and towels.

3. Organize Bathroom Vanities to Optimize Space

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes, so the style you choose may be beautiful but small. Don’t fear! Like we learned with that oversized master suite, space doesn’t solve all. With a few drawer and cabinet tricks, you can make the most of any size bathroom vanity. You know those pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets? They work in a bathroom too. Pull out shelves are a great addition to bathrooms with smaller vanities, or those used by more than one family member. Installing tilt out trays in faux drawers is great way to utilize wasted space. Place them at the base of your sink for easy access to toothpaste and your toothbrush.

Rolled Towels in a Bathroom Linen Cabinet4. Add extra levels to linen cabinets 

You may notice there is a lot of space in between shelves. An easy way to optimize storage space is to add an extra level to your bathroom linen cabinet. To achieve this organization hack, put on your DIY gloves and install another shelf, or go the easier route and purchase wire baskets that are supported by your current shelves.

5. Properly fold linens and towels

There’s nothing that wastes space more than a poorly folded bed sheet or towel. Rolling towels up tightly is the best way to keep things tidy while maximizing space. For those floppy bed sheets, use this trick from Martha Stewart and store sheets within their matching pillowcases. Not only will you save space, you’ll never lose track of a sheet set again.


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