How to Turn a Tiny Kitchen into an Eat-In Kitchen

How to Turn a Tiny Kitchen into an Eat-In Kitchen

If your kitchen is on the tiny side and you don’t currently have proper space for eating in it (standing and eating over the counter or sink doesn’t count!), then you’ll want to check out the ideas below for designing an eat-in kitchen in a small area.\


  • Think Multipurpose

If your kitchen only has room for one surface, you’ll need to have that surface serve two purposes: prepping and dining. If this is the case, it’s best to have the surface at counter height, since having to bend over to chop vegetables will get old very quickly. Just get a few barstools and your countertop prep surface instantly becomes a comfortable spot to eat at.


  • Create a Banquette or Booth Seating Area

Have a spare corner? Then an L-shaped banquette will fit perfectly! Install benches in the corner, place a tiny table in front of it and, viola! You have a perfect eating nook.

Don’t have an area that’s conducive to an L-shaped design? Go for a restaurant-style booth look by having two benches face each other and placing a small table in between. Bonus? You can place baskets under the benches for extra storage.


  • Consider a Folding Tabletop

If you don’t have room for a banquet or booth, but have an island in your kitchen, this option may be the perfect solution for you. Adding a custom-built table that attaches to the island (and folds up when not in use) creates additional space that’s suitable for family dining. Whenever you eat, just fold the table down and grab a couple of folding chairs from a nearby closet.


  • Choose Chairs Wisely

Speaking of chairs, when you have a tiny kitchen and are looking to create an eat-in area, it’s really important to look for furniture that’s compact and will fit snugly into the small space you have available. For chairs, you’ll ideally want ones that can tuck nicely under your table.

If you don’t have room to keep chairs out when your eat-in kitchen isn’t in use, invest in some folding chairs and keep them in a nearby space, like a closet, for easy access. Even if your kitchen space enables you to keep chairs out, it’s always a good idea to have some folding chairs for company!

Eat-in kitchens offer a convenient place to sit, eat and enjoy conversation with loved ones every day. Get inspired by the suggestions above for turning your tiny kitchen into an eat-in kitchen and you’ll soon have a special place in your kitchen that you and your family can enjoy together.