Bringing Nature Into Your Kitchen

Connecting nature indoors is a trend that is guaranteed to add tranquility and zen to your space. Bringing nature into your kitchen is an amazing way to incorporate this trend into your home. We have some tips that will help you bring this trend to life in your kitchen.

Nature is in the neutrals. Starting with a neutral palette, such as earth tones and wood-toned cabinets, will help your kitchen feel instantly connected to the outdoors. A frameless cabinet can also provide fluidity and create a more tranquil setting in your kitchen space. Using stone, reclaimed wood, or other natural materials for flooring will tie in with this aesthetic seamlessly.

Let the light in. Heavy curtains or blinds can block out natural light and interrupt a natural flow. Choosing blinds that are light and airy will provide privacy, but still, let the light in. Consider linens or gauzy materials that effortlessly blend in with the neutral tones of your kitchen. Natural light not only looks great but is a great mood booster as well.

Bring the outside in with greenery. Lush greenery placed around your kitchen will really help amplify the natural vibe of your kitchen. The kitchen is also a great place to introduce plants that you can cook with as well, such as an herb garden. Greenery can be used in numerous ways throughout your kitchen, creating stunning centerpieces on your island or adding a pop of nature to your kitchen sink, there really is no wrong place to add a plant in your kitchen.

Capture other elements of nature. Choosing complementary colors to a neutral palette such as reds, greens or blues is a fun way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral aesthetic. This can come to life through paint, textiles, art, or cookware. Nature does NOT have to be boring!

If you are considering this trend in your home, our design team can help. Our designers are dedicated to bringing your ideas to life through their expertise, and are sure to help you achieve this trend or any other trend you have in mind to life!