Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

How To Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall

It’s undeniable that seasonally decorating your home continues to be a major trend, and one of the most popular decorating seasons is right around the corner. While we are still enjoying the warm summer months, some may be eager to break out the pumpkins and plaid and transform their home into a cozy, fall retreat. So the question that begs an answer is how and when should you transition your home for fall?

Some say that the best time to begin to transition your decor for fall is the end of August through early September. However, there are ways to help you transition your home into the fall season, no matter when you choose to do so.

Keep it simple and start with neutrals and natural elements. Neutrals are always transitional, and you can bring in neutral fall elements in a way that feels less abrupt. Natural elements such as fall pumpkins are trending in a more neutral palette this year such as sage green and whites, which allows you to introduce this decor in a more transitional manner.

Layer textiles. Adding fabrics that are a little richer in texture naturally give a nod to the fall season. While still sticking to a neutral palette, you may be able to incorporate fabrics such as velvet and cable knits into your collection of throw pillows or blankets to create a cozier vibe. If you’re looking for a little more visual interest, warm hues such as scarlet reds and oranges are a great way to compliment both the end of summer and early fall season.

Utilize light and scent to create a cozy ambiance. Slowly breaking out your fall candles is a great way to begin to cultivate warmth and coziness in your home. Not only is scent transformative for space, but the candle-lit ambiance is sure to make your space feel ready for fall.

Switching out elements that you may keep on display in the kitchen is another way to begin to decorate for fall. If you usually keep your fruit displayed in a glass bowl, try swapping it out for a warm wood or rich metal bowl instead. If you traditionally use bright-colored glassware in the spring and summer months, now may be a great time to move to a warmer palette such as whites and earth tones to amp up the cozy factor in your kitchen.

If you are starting with a blank slate in your home and are renovating a space, consider how you can incorporate space to showcase your decorative must-haves season after season. Open shelving or cabinetry with glass doors is an amazing way to show off your favorite decor in any room of your home. Our design team can walk you through incorporating these elements in a way that makes sense for your space. and with your eye for decorating in mind!