How to Mix and Match Cabinets for a Stunning New Kitchen

Mixing and matching your cabinetry is a great way to bring a fresh perspective to a drab kitchen, but let’s be honest- not everyone has that sharp eye for interior design. With all of the different types of woods, styles, and paint colors to choose from, deciding on the right cabinetry for your kitchen can seem like a mountain of a job before you even take off the first door.

Fortunately, revamping your kitchen design with mixed cabinetry is easier than you think. So to help you get started, we’ve listed a few simple tips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Tip #1: Light and Dark.

As a general rule of thumb, go with darker woods and finishes towards the floor, and use lighter finishes on the wall. Have an island? Lucky you. Try using a dark wood on the base of the island, such as cherry or red birch, and go with lighter woods on the perimeter, such as oak or hickory.

Tip #2: Shoot for Opposites.

While the kitchen of yesterday had uniform cabinets from floor to ceiling, today’s top interior designers recommend going for complete opposites when mixing cabinet styles and colors. Of course, only stick with two different styles and colors, as a hodgepodge of several different colors and styles could turn your kitchen into a visual circus.

Tip #3: Play Around with Heights.

Instead of uniform heights, look to bookend center cabinets with taller cabinets on the corners.

Tip #4: Work with Whatcha' Got.

If you like your existing cabinets then keep your base cabinets and swap out your wall cabinets instead. With countertops, electrical connections and plumbing, installing base cabinets is slightly more complicated and time consuming than installing wall cabinets.

Tip #5: Color Contrast.

Contrast the color of your wood floor with the finish on your wood cabinets to add some balance to your design. For example, light maple cabinets go super well with red oak floors. When it comes to painted cabinets, dark colored floors with white cabinetry is trending big time, as white cabinets give the kitchen an open feel.

Tip #6: Sections. 

The great thing about replacing cabinetry is that you can work in small sections and still give your kitchen some serious pop. For example, instead of replacing all of your cabinets, just replace or paint over one small section, such as tall corner cabinets or cabinets above the refrigerator. If you think it will stand out, you’re right. After all, that’s the idea here.

Tip #7: Go with Glass. 

Another modern trend includes frosted glass cabinets above wood base cabinets. Since glass is naturally reflective, you can easily brighten up your kitchen without going through the trouble of installing new lighting.

Tip #8: Colors.

Colors vary by personal preference, but we’ll lay out the basics here. Neutral colors, like gray and white, can give a clean, modern feel to your kitchen, while blue and green can give your kitchen a rustic, calming aura. Many people like to skip the paint and go with a natural wood finish for a warm feel, especially with woods like cherry and maple.

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