6 Tips for Making the Most of Small Bathroom Spaces

A couple of weeks ago we shared a few tips with you about the secret to maximizing a small bathroom space. We couldn’t fit all of our handy tips into one blog so we’ve decided to share 6 more great tips for making the most of small bathroom spaces. Let’s take a look at a few more options.

Install a Pocket Door

A pocket door hides inside the wall and slides from one end of the wall to the other. Not only are pocket doors kind of fun, but they are also a great space saver because there is no door swing to take up extra space in the bathroom.

If installing a pocket door is not in your budget and your hallway isn’t in a very heavily trafficked area, consider changing the door swing so it opens out into the hallway and not into the bathroom.

Vertical Space

If you’re short on horizontal space in your tiny bathroom but have high ceilings, take the opportunity to maximize the use of vertical space in your bathroom. Consider having custom vertical cabinetry built that goes right up to the ceiling to help you store all of those small items and toiletries.

Choose Large Floor Tiles

Did you know by choosing large floor tiles and patterns you can visually help make your space look and feel larger? Larger floor tiles have fewer gridlines which means your eye has less room to see the breaks in the floor tile.


Adding more light into your space will help make your bathroom look and feel larger. Use recessed ceiling lights and install wall sconces. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t swing a bathroom renovation at this time, a simple easy fix is to use brighter light bulbs to help eliminate any dark spaces in your bathroom.

Sink Type and Size

When choosing a sink for your petite bathroom there are lots of things to consider, and the most important choice you’ll need to make comes down to sink type and size. There are many different types of sinks and sizes to choose from such as vanities, pedestal sinks, and wall mounted sinks.  All three of these types of sinks are an excellent choice for a small bathroom.

Should you choose to go with a pedestal sink, select a pedestal sink that has either minimal storage underneath or a bar to hang towels.

Eliminate Clutter

Yes, having lots of “stuff” in your already small bathroom can make your bathroom look and feel tiny and cluttered.  Take the time to eliminate clutter by using a cabinet pull out tray to neatly store and organize your items inside your bathroom vanity.

Another great idea to help you eliminate the clutter is to use less artwork and decorative accessories in your bathroom. Instead of folding towels, which takes up more space, roll them and store them neatly in a basket in a corner.

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