How to Customize a Tiny House

When looking for a place to put down roots, more and more people are turning to tiny houses. By downsizing your living quarters, you are able to seriously cut your housing costs – and with a tiny house on wheels, you can even travel without ever leaving home.

Whether you’ve converted a van into a rolling abode or have put down a permanent tiny house foundation, these tips will help you customize your small space so that it’s not only comfortable but also functional.

Set your sights on storage and never come second to your stuff.

Storage is key when planning a tiny house, as you will need to find creative ways to keep your belongings while still leaving plenty of space for you to live and breathe. Wholesale cabinets (that come ready to assemble) allow you to get the flexibility of custom cabinets at an affordable price. By picking and choosing the pieces that will make up your collection of RTA cabinets, you can guarantee you’ll have the perfect amount of cabinetry for your home.

Inside cabinet accessories make the most of every square foot, so use them and love them!

While tiny houses have tons of appeal, they’re obviously short on square footage. The last thing you want is your “stuff” taking over and creating an unlivable situation. Often the solution lies behind closed doors.


In the kitchen, discreet storage like a tilt out tray or a wall filler organizer creates convenient and space efficient ways to keep essentials. Under bed drawers can be optimized with adjustable organizers to store all of your clothing items in the best way possible.

Smaller may seem strange, but you’ll get used to it over time.

When going from a traditional sized home to a tiny house, everything will seem so incredibly small. But taking advantage of smaller kitchen sink sizes, showers, and toilets is what will allow you to customize your home so that it is both comfortable and functional.

sinkMost tiny homes forego a dishwasher so that means most of your cooking clean up will happen in the kitchen sink. Contrary to what you may think, there are many kitchen sink sizes available and you should be able to find one that is both quaint and functional.

When it comes to bathrooms, go as small as possible with your toilet and shower selection without sacrificing too much comfort. It may be tempting to take advantage of every inch of the bathroom, but keep in mind how crammed it will feel if you do.

Find new ways to bring color and décor into your home.

Minimizing your living space also means minimizing your stuff, and one of the first (and easiest) things to let go is décor. You’ll have limited wall space, so paintings and photographs will need to be rethought. You also won’t have tons of open shelving or countertop space to accessorize. Instead of the typical decorations and wall art, tap into some tiny house friendly ideas instead. Interesting flooring can add color and character to your home without stealing any space and colorful wholesale cabinets can add a splash of color to make your tiny house feel more like home.