Quick and Easy Cabinet Makeover Ideas

Quick and Easy Cabinet Makeover Ideas

If your kitchen cabinets are a bit outdated but still have a lot of life in them, or if your cabinet design isn’t very functional, you don’t need to invest in an entire new set of cabinets.

Instead, try one or more of the quick and easy cabinet makeover ideas below and you’ll be amazed at the huge difference they make, either to the appearance of your existing cabinets or to their functionality – or both.

Elevate Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Updating the cabinet knobs and pulls is a quick and inexpensive fix for giving your kitchen cabinets a new look.

While replacing traditional cabinetry hardware with more stylish, modern ones may be a small change, it will have a huge effect and add a trendy touch to your kitchen.

Efficient Corner Cabinets

We all know how difficult and impractical corner cabinets can be. If the corner areas of your kitchen cabinets are hard to use, a moveable cabinetry solution is just what you need. A Lazy Susan Blind Corner Accessory easily turns hard-to-reach areas into more accessible storage spaces.

Install Roll-Out Organizers

You don’t need to invest in a complete custom kitchen to add some functionality to your cabinets. Just like the Lazy Susan cabinet accessory creates an efficient, useful corner space, roll-out organizers for cabinets are ideal for storing large pots, pans, accessories and other items that easily get disorganized.

This Chrome Cookware Organizer is an excellent option for keeping your pots, pans and lids neatly stored.

Utilize the Backs of Kitchen Cabinet Doors


The backside of a kitchen cabinet door offers a lot of storage potential that’s usually wasted. Make the most out of this space by creating practical and convenient storage solutions with one or more simple items.

One great option is to get a door mount spice rack. Storing your spices this way keeps spices organized and easily accessible, while freeing up precious drawer space or decluttering your countertops.

A door mount cutting board is another smart back-of-the-door storage solution that will make better use of your cabinet space.

Add Task Lighting

Installing lighting on cabinets offers two benefits. It adds practical and proper lighting that’s important for doing prep work and other kitchen tasks, but also adds a nice glow to your cabinets, giving them a brighter, livelier look.

Choose dimmable task lighting so you have the option to make the lighting as bright as you need for doing tasks, but also have the ability to dim it to create a warm mood.

By implementing one or a few of these cabinet makeover ideas, you’ll add style and functionality to your cabinets for that quick and easy cabinet makeover that you wanted.