7 Unusual And Unexpected Uses For Tile

When we think of tile, our minds turn to kitchen flooring ideas or a beautiful backsplash in a dream bathroom. There is so much to love about tile. And while these are great options for any renovation project plan, tile can be used for so much more than just flooring and walls. Need inspiration? Here are a few unusual and unexpected uses for tile.

Tile Menu Board

We love this idea for a tile menu board from Somewhat Simple. Click here for instructions on how to easily transform a simple ceramic tile into a stylish weekly menu board that lets your family know what’s for dinner!

Tile Coasters


Small square tiles are the perfect size for making DIY coasters for your home bar. Ideas include family photos or craft paper and Mod Podge or paint and spray sealant. Finish with felt pads on the bottom.

Tile Trivets

Similar to tile coasters only bigger, tile trivets keep hot dishes from damaging your table or countertops. Choose a large square or rectangular tile, or use one left over from your renovation project plan. Be as creative as you like, or keep things simple with stunning wood look tile.

Tile Planters

This project is so simple, even for a DIY novice. Tile planters are less expensive than purchasing ceramic pots for your back porch, and they look just as nice. For quick and easy instructions, click here.

Tile Headboard

Have you finished renovating your dream bathroom, and do you have a bunch of leftover tiles? Don’t waste it! Repurpose it with this idea from the Rachael Ray Show. Click here for an informative video on how to DIY a headboard with leftover tile.

Tile Tabletop

Ceramic Tile Display Samples

Installing a kitchen backsplash is easy with a little know-how. The same holds true for tiling a tabletop to match! Tile can upgrade a basic table into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Click here for info on this DIY project from Better Homes and Gardens.

Tile Rug

Who says a rug needs to be plush? If you are looking for unique kitchen flooring ideas, a tile rug might just be your answer. Whether you add a tile runner by the sink or a tile rug below your kitchen table, the effect will truly be stunning. Or check out these dream bathroom design ideas for tile rugs from This Old House.

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