Hacks For Designing A High End Kitchen On A Budget

Do you have champagne taste and ginger ale pockets? You can still get that high-end kitchen look with a limited budget. Here are some hacks to help you make it happen!


Go Wholesale: Stop Shopping Store-Front and Stop Paying Retail Prices

If you’ve ever gone shopping for kitchen cabinets, you know they are expensive. But you don’t have to pay the inflated prices you see in stores. To get the best looking cabinets at the best price, shop wholesale cabinets instead.

The cabinets you see at The RTA Store are premium quality cabinets made of solid wood and plywood. But they are sourced directly from the factory meaning no middle man or retailer is involved. That means you get premium cabinetry at factory direct prices.

Get Salvage: Try Your Luck at Your Local Salvage Store

Even the professionals make mistakes and salvage stores are proof of that. You can find materials for your home remodel at highly discounted prices because a wrong measurement was taken or the wrong color was ordered.

Salvage stores can be hit or miss but it’s worth trying your luck for the possibility of a huge payoff.

DIY What You Can: Leave the Rest to the Pros


You can save thousands of dollars by doing just part of your kitchen remodel yourself. Installing your RTA or pre-assembled wholesale cabinets may be a step out of your comfort zone — but you can definitely put up that new peel-and-stick backsplash. Am I right?

DIYing is also easier than ever now with our free kitchen design services. Just fill out the contact form on our website and someone from our team will reach out with next steps. We’ll work together to get you everything you need to execute the majority of your project solo.

Go Small: Sometimes Less is More

Compromising on some of your big ticket items can doesn’t mean nixing them completely. In small doses, expensive items can actually be pretty manageable.

Let’s say you love the look of granite but not the cost of granite countertops. Consider a more affordable material for the majority of your countertops and splurge for the granite on your kitchen island. This way you still get some granite in your kitchen and don’t have to break your budget.

Go Thrifting: Mix High and Low End

Just like you mix expensive and affordable pieces to create the perfect wardrobe, you can mix high and low-end décor to create the perfect kitchen.

From a sparkly chandelier to the perfect pot for your window sill, you’d be surprised at what great pieces of kitchen décor you can find at thrift and consignment shops.

On top of being a fraction of the price, adding a little bit of vintage flair can also help you achieve authenticity if you’re shooting for a rustic or traditional kitchen theme.

Before you pay full price, consider your second hand options. Scouting for garage and estate sales can also lead to snagging some top quality pieces for a steal.