Maintaining your new kitchen cabinets can keep them looking new for years to come

Best Ways to Protect your New Kitchen Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets are an investment of time and money, and so of course you want to make sure that they stay in tip-top condition for years to come. While this all starts with purchasing high-quality kitchen cabinets, the key is to then maintain your cabinetry appropriately.

One of the biggest potential problems you could face is water damage. That damage could come from a leak in plumbing, moisture from ventilation issues, or even just the standard splashes of water that end up on your counter while doing the dishes or washing your hands. For your bottom cabinets, try applying vinyl floor tiles. These are typically adhesive and easy to cut and fit to your cabinets. For the upper cabinets, you can try moisture-absorbing shelf liners.

As the kitchen is the place for cooking, you also have to watch out for potential grease and food stains on your cabinets. Running the vent while cooking can help to prevent the stains. You can also try applying a coat of polyurethane to your cabinets. If you do notice some spots after cooking, wipe down the cabinets with soapy water and rag or all-purpose cleaner.

For any messes that might happen inside your cabinets, particularly within the pantry and spice cabinets, try shelf paper or liners. Liners can be adhesive or textured in a way that prevents them from slipping. The latter tend to be less permanent.

And lastly, while natural sunlight is beautiful in a kitchen, it can also affect your cabinet paint or stain color. To prevent sun damage, paint or spray on a UV protective clear coat.

With these proactive measures, your kitchen cabinets should be looking new for years to come!


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