The 3 Most Cringe-Worthy Home Decorating Mistakes

When you don’t have the luxury of hiring an interior designer to decorate your home, DIYing seems like the next best thing. But we don’t all have a natural knack for home décor — and the result can be cringe-worthy.

The next time you decide to update your home, avoid these decorating mistakes, and lean on our free room design services to get expert advice at no extra cost.







1. Lack Of Bathroom Cabinet Storage

If your bathroom countertop is covered in toiletries and your cleaning supplies are “tucked away” in the corner of the room, you may be guilty of this design faux pas. When a home is lacking bathroom cabinet storage, it usually shows.

This mistake is usually a result of not having the right amount of bathroom cabinetry. When you can’t keep your bathroom essentials behind closed doors and drawers, they will spill over to the surrounding surfaces.

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, utilize vertical space and add some extra wall cabinets or a built-in linen closet. Recessed shelving might not have been on your original home renovation list, but you should add it now. From a built-in linen closet to a shower shelf, recessed storage can save you space and help you avoid this decorating mistake.

2. Mismatching Appliance Finishes

When you walk into a kitchen that has a white stove and a stainless steel refrigerator, something feels off. Avoid mismatching appliance finishes at all costs. This decorating mistake can throw off the balance of your kitchen and make it appear incomplete or under construction.

If one appliance breaks and you don’t have the budget to replace all of your appliances in the finish you prefer, stick with the finish you already have. While it may be frustrating to purchase another white refrigerator when your eyes are set on that black or stainless steel set, aesthetically it’s the better choice.

You can always go with a less-expensive model, knowing you plan to replace it in the near future. And when it is time to splurge on a new set in your favorite finish, recoup some of your investment by reselling your current appliances. If you have a garage, you may even want to store your original refrigerator there and use it as beverage cooler.







3. Overlooking Overhead Lighting

Your home needs more than few spotlights, but many homeowners rely on this lighting method. Doing so leaves many areas of their home dark and dreary. Remember that lighting should include three levels: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting refers to the general overhead lighting that blankets the entire room. This is most commonly achieved with recessed or track lighting but is also done with the use of chandeliers or wall sconces.

Task lighting is used to illuminate specific areas of the home. This may be under-cabinet lighting (so that you can more clearly see your countertops) or a table lamp on the side table (next to the chair where you do your reading at night).

Accent lighting is used to catch your eye and highlight a single object, like the wall art in your living room or the plants in your backyard. Like ambient lighting, accent lighting is also typically achieved with the use of recessed or track lighting.

Lighting is an important part of a room — so definitely don’t avoid it. Work this cost into your home renovation list so that you can truly enjoy and showcase the different elements of your home.


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