3 Room Design Tips For Homeschooling Families

Homeschooling your children can be such a rewarding experience — but if you don’t have the proper space in your home, it can also be a struggle. It’s important to have an area designated for learning, so that your family can clearly separate school life from home life. Discover how you can create the perfect classroom setup in your home with office cabinetry and these room design tips.


Designate a room or space that will only be used for homeschooling. 

Whether you’re building a new home or updating your current residence, there is a good chance a study or home office is on your home renovation checklist. As a homeowner and homeschooling parent, it’s only natural to want to this space in your home to also serve as a classroom. And it is totally possible to do, no matter how much space you have to spare. You just have to start by putting up some walls — whether they are real or invisible. The goal of designating a specific room or space to serve as a classroom is to create clear separation. You don’t want a family dinner or your children’s playtime to be blurred with their schooling.








Design your dream homeschool classroom.

Once you have designated a specific room or space to serve as a classroom, you can start with your room design. If you’re not sure where to start, we invite you to work with one of our design experts. Our free design services include a custom layout, photorealistic renderings, and an itemized list. We’ll help you navigate through our ready to assemble and pre-assembled home office cabinetry to help you pick the perfect style and finish for your homeschool classroom. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what office cabinetry to order and what items you’ll need to recreate your custom design in your home.








Create an environment that promotes learning and creativity

Once your room design is finalized, it’s time for the fun part. You now have the opportunity to furnish and decorate your classroom in a way that is truly unique to your family and teaching style. Here are some fun ideas that you may want to include in addition to the paper and pencils:

  • Reading Area: You can make reading time an experience in itself with some beanbag chairs, poufs or oversized pillows. A reading area encourages your children to get comfortable and really listen to the story being told, or get lost in the words on their own pages.
  • Dance Floor: If you’re teaching little kids, you know that they can get rambunctious from time to time. Having a way for them to release that pent up energy can make learning time go much smoother. If you pencil breaks into your day, “dance time” can make an excellent 10-minute break in between the educational curriculum.
  • Art Display: Let your children proudly display their artwork by creating an art wall or board. Not only will this add some color and beauty to the room, but it will also bring joy to see their masterpieces in plain sight.

Checking a homeschool classroom off of your home renovation checklist is such an accomplishment. This update to your home will provide enrichment and enjoyment to you and your children for years to come.


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