Fa La La Fabulous Gifts for Foodies

If asked, most of us would say we like food. After all, who would deny that they like to eat around the holidays? However, there are some people who especially appreciate food and know more about it (and all that relates to it) than the rest of us. Those special individuals are given the title of “foodies.”If you’ve got a few foodies on your holiday shopping list this Christmas, we’re here to help. Take a look at our nine fabulous finds for foodies that’ll fit every budget:

Food-of-the-Month Clubs
Give them a gift that they’ll enjoy all year long with a monthly treat sent directly to their doorstep. Monthly clubs are no longer just for fruit or wine; you’ll find monthly offerings for beer, cheese, coffee and more.
Cooking Classes
This isn’t a comment on their abilities in the kitchen. Instead, it’s an opportunity to expand their horizons (even further) when it comes to cookery. Check out health food stores like Whole Foods, which offers a wide variety of weekly cooking classes and demonstrations. No Whole Foods in their area? Kitchen supply stores and cooking schools offer cooking classes too.

A Cookbook
Give them glossy pages filled with scrumptious recipes and beautiful food photography. Whether they’re vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free or Paleo, there’s sure to be a cookbook for them out there. Who knows, maybe they’ll make you one of the recipes as a thank you!

Food Magazine Subscription
An inexpensive gift idea that’ll give them loads of new food ideas all year long—what’s not to love?
A Digital Kitchen Scale
Foodies love these for their precise ingredient measuring abilities. They’ll also love having fewer dishes to do since scales cut out the need for dry-ingredient measuring cups!

Kitchen Organization
Know a foodie who could use a little more organization in their kitchen? Pull-out cookware organizers will give all of their beloved pots and pans a place to rest. Or, for the foodie with what seems like a thousand different spices, there’s a door mounted spice rack. It’ll keep them organized (the spices and the cook) and easy to reach.

Handcrafted Kitchenwares
Artisan goods are making a big comeback. Check local farmers’ markets or sites like Etsy to find an array of handmade wooden cutting boards, bowls, spoons, kitchen linens and much, much more.

Basket of Local Goodies
This is an especially good idea for gift exchanges with $15 to $20 price caps. Fill an inexpensive basket with treats from a local coffee roaster, chocolatier, baker, or even a nearby brewery.

Restaurant Gift Certificate
Good food at their favorite dive. Need we say more?
A Kitchen Makeover
We saved the biggest gift idea for last! Give them the kitchen they’ve always wanted with new cabinets, hardware, sink and organizational drawers from theRTAstore.com. You can get beautiful designer cabinets at wholesale prices that they’ll love. Cabinets come in a variety of different styles and finishes and can be bought pre-assembled or ready to assemble. Don’t worry if you don’t have the first clue about kitchen design—our kitchen design experts are ready to help!