Kitchen with Old Wood Ceiling Beams

6 Clever Home Uses For Reclaimed Wood

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and when it comes to discarded lumber that could not be truer! Reclaimed wood can add charm as a backsplash for kitchen walls, DIY decorations, and much more. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, but you can start your inspiration right here. If you love the rustic chic look of reclaimed wood in the home, you are going to love these clever uses.


Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall1. As A Backsplash For Kitchen Walls


Reclaimed wood is a great backsplash for kitchen walls. You can create an interesting pattern, or just place the panels horizontally. The natural surface and patina of the wood will create a beautiful contrast against your finished kitchen cabinet doors, and bring some unique character to the room. You can also paint your wood pieces a color that complements your kitchen cabinet doors for a monotone look.


2. An Accent Wall In Any Room


Looking for an interesting way to add an accent wall? Rather than a different shade of paint or funky wallpaper, why not go for a cool, unexpected twist? An accent wall made of reclaimed wood is the ultimate way to change things up in any room.


3. On The Ceiling Or Floors


Look up! No, look down! Reused wood panels are absolutely stunning on a ceiling or on floors. You really don’t have to do anything to them except sand them down and add a clear seal. Their raw elements, mixed matched colors, and visible aging is what makes them so simply breathtaking.


4. For A DIY Headboard


Bachelor fans might appreciate this fun fact: Ben Higgins used the garage door from his childhood home as the headboard of his bed! While fiancé Lauren Bushnell wasn’t too thrilled, we think reclaimed wood is an awesome choice for a headboard. You can go Ben’s route and repurpose something like a garage door, or you can choose a metal frame as a guide for laying panels. Either way, you’ll sleep well knowing you have a one-of-a-kind headboard.


Vintage Wood Shelf with Hooks5. To Hang Everyday Items


Add some hooks to a piece of reclaimed wood and you have the most adorable, vintage style wall-mounted rack. These are useful in any room, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Whether it’s your keys, coat, purse or something completely random, wall hook racks always come in handy right when you need them — and when you least expect it. So why not make them pretty with some repurposed wood?


6. As Open Shelving


Open shelving is one of the top design trends, and these shelves are so easy to make with reclaimed wood. There are many approaches you can take, from simply stacking equally cut pieces on a wall, or using them in conjunction with other materials like metal or glass. Depending if your DIY-meter is hot, medium or cool, you can really get creative with building your own open shelves.


Are you psyched to use reclaimed wood in your home yet? We are guessing the answer is yes! Find a reputable source in your area to source your reclaimed wood. You can also ask a local garden or nursery, automotive shop, or landscaping company. Any place that would have large equipment delivered likely has those items sent in crates. Getting free pallets and other pieces of reclaimed wood is not difficult; you just need to know who to ask.



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