How To Tackle Laundry Stains Like A Pro

Laundry is a never-ending battle, but with these helpful tips and tricks, you can conquer whatever stain comes your way. From stocking your laundry room cabinetry with the right products, to treating common stains the best way — get the knowledge you need to tackle laundry stains like a pro!

Having the right products is key to removing stains. 

To eliminate stains, keep your laundry room cabinetry stocked with these items:


Chlorine and Color-Safe Bleach: Everyone knows chlorine bleach is the go-to product for making dingy whites bright, but there are also color-safe bleaches on the market that can be used to give colorful clothing a boost. When properly diluted, bleaches are safe for a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, acrylic, and nylon. But be sure to always check clothing labels as a precaution before using bleach.

Pre-Wash Spot Removers: Apply these products before laundering (preferably as soon after the stain happens as possible) to loosen stains and prevent them from setting. Pre-wash spot removers come in a variety of forms, such as sprays, sticks, liquids, gels, foams, powders, and even on-the go wipes.

bottle of blue transparent dish washing liquid, close up, isola

Dishwashing Liquid: The ultimate prewash product is a bit unconventional but completely logical. We’re talking about the same liquid soap that treats ducks after an oil spill and removes stuck-on grease from your pots, pans and dishes. Keep dishwashing liquid on hand in your laundry room cabinetry to break up grease and separate it from fabric.

White Vinegar: White vinegar is a natural choice for cleaning in the kitchen, but it’s also great for use in the laundry room, especially when treating collar stains on shirts and deodorizing urine-soaked sheets during the potty-training stage. To reduce static cling, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the last rinse cycle of your wash. White vinegar can also help remove soap residue from thick items like towels and blankets, and make them fluffy.

Rubbing Alcohol: Whether you accidentally bumped into a marker while wearing your favorite shirt, or a ballpoint pen exploded in your breast pocket at work, rubbing alcohol can help remove ink stains. For small spots, dab a little directly onto the stain (or use an eye dropper), and repeat until the stain fades. For larger areas, immerse the stain in a bowl filled with rubbing alcohol, and let it soak for 15 minutes or until the ink dissolves.

Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum jelly can be used as a barrier around stains (like ink) to prevent them from spreading while pre-treating. It’s also great for lipstick stains and water-based glue. Rub petroleum jelly onto the lipstick or glue spot to help loosen its hold on the fabric. Rinse and repeat until all traces of the stain are gone, and then wash in hot water.

3-30-18 RTA4-Sodium Borate

Sodium Borate: Also known as Borax, this laundry booster has been around since the late 1800s. When used alongside your regular detergent, it can help loosen tough stains, and deodorize and freshen clothes. It is also a natural water softener.

Milk: While you wouldn’t want to keep milk in your laundry room cabinetry, it’s a great tool for removing bloodstains (thanks to protein and certain enzymes in milk — particularly whole milk). For a small spot of blood from a skinned knee, you can simply pour milk on the stain. But if you get a bloody nose or large cut, you will need to soak the item in a bowl filled with milk for a few minutes until the stain dissolves. Just be sure to rinse well, and run the item through the washing machine to avoid a sour smell.

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