Dads Tell Us What They Want in Their Kitchen Cabinet Design

Just as moms have their own preferences for kitchen cabinet styles and designs, many dads have their favorite cabinet features, too. Whether they’re packing lunches for the kids, getting dinner on the table or helping prep for a celebration with friends and family, dads are spending more and more time working in the kitchen.

Below are the top kitchen cabinet designs we have found that dads prefer.

#1: Clean and Sleek
Many dads like the clean and sleek look that white or off-white Shaker-style kitchen cabinets create. These cabinets provide a classic look that’s versatile, beautifully complementing many styles of homes, including cottage, traditional and contemporary ones.

#2: Gray or Black Cabinets
There are also plenty of dads who prefer gray or black cabinets over white ones. The main desire here, regardless of color, is that the cabinets provide an overall clean, simple and rich look and feel to the kitchen.

We find that gray and black cabinets are often preferred in kitchens with stainless steel appliances, as the colors and materials work well together. They are also simultaneously elegant and practical, and black cabinets are loved for not showing smudges or fingerprints too easily.

#3: Efficiency Rules
Dads love efficiency. And this holds true when it comes to getting kitchen tasks done as well. This is why another essential kitchen cabinet feature is the potential for efficient storage. Dads want to be able to utilize as much space as possible in their kitchen drawers and cabinets to get the most bang for their buck.

Depending on their specific kitchen needs, this may mean using cutlery trays, cookware organizers or one of the many other inside cabinet accessories that are available.

#4: Functional Corner Cabinets
Speaking of efficiency, one area of kitchen cabinets where dads (and everyone else!) sometimes get frustrated is with the inconvenience of some corner cabinet designs. Modern dads want corner cabinets that are highly functional, both in the design and in the type of storage options they can accommodate. Corner cabinets must come with, or have the ability to add, either pull-out shelves or Lazy Susans to make organizing and accessing items a breeze.