DIY Kids: Mudroom Essentials Back-To-School Station

This summer, The RTA Store is featuring a special DIY Kids blog series. Here is a fun, boredom-busting activity you can enjoy with your kids this month! A Back-to-School Station has everything you need to get kids out the door faster in the morning, and have a designated place to store everything when they come piling back in. Creating this space as a team is a fun family project and something your kids can be proud of.

Here we’ll show you how to create an organized entryway or mudroom, complete with hooks for backpacks and jackets, a bench with cubbies for shoes below, and built in cabinets above to house baskets of hats, gloves and other daily essentials.

Built In Cabinets in MudroomStep 1: Design Your Layout

You’ll definitely want your kids involved from the start! Since this space is for them, their input is everything. Depending on the age of your children, their needs will vary. The key to an organized mudroom is making all of the storage options simple and easily accessible. For example, you don’t want high hooks that accommodate an adult when your kids are all less than four foot.

You’ll also want to take into account what you’ll be using your Back-to-School Station for. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need spots for coats, hats and gloves in just a few months. If your kids are active, having a place for sporting equipment might be necessary. Figure out exactly what you’ll be using the room for so you can design your layout to accommodate your children and their needs.

Step 2: Start With A Storage Bench

Every mudroom needs a storage bench. It’s an easy way to put away and put on shoes without cluttering your entryway. A storage bench could run you a couple hundred dollars but there are also many of affordable options out there. You could also call upon your mini construction team and make one yourself. There are tons of creative options out there — like this unique bench from DIY Network that makes use of old kitchen cabinets.

Step 3: Install Built In Cabinets

Having built in cabinets above offers some extra (and much needed) storage space for your mudroom. You can save some money by ordering ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and putting them together yourself. The RTA Store has a great selection to choose from, and offers a variety of styles and price points. If you want to save yourself a step, you can purchase pre-assembled cabinets instead of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. The cost is a little more but they will arrive to your home installation ready.

Back To School Station HooksStep 4: Add Your Hooks

Like we mentioned before, you’ll want your hooks to be reachable by your little ones. This will allow them to take responsibility and hang up their jackets or backpacks for themselves. Tip: If you have kids that are a few years apart, you might want to stagger hooks diagonally so that you can accommodate their different heights and still keep your space looking professional.

Step 5: Incorporate Some Character

Now that all the essentials are in place, you can add a little character to your Back-To-School Station. Remember that this is the last stop in your home before heading out the door so try to make it a bright and motivating space. Colorful throw pillows on your storage bench, wall décor and good lighting are a few ways to make the space more welcoming. With a mudroom that they helped design and create, filled with so much thought and love, your kids will be ready to tackle the new school year and say goodbye to summer.


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