Holiday Baking in Kitchen

5 Steps To Create A Holiday Baking Station In Your Kitchen

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start prepping your kitchen for the baking that lies ahead. After all, the less time you spend cooking and baking in the kitchen, the more time you can share with your family and friends! Here are the five best ways to get ready for the holidays by transforming your kitchen into the best baking station ever!

Door Mount Spice Rack - The RTA Store1. Clean Up And Clear Out

A clean kitchen is vital as the foundation for cooking up a holiday feast or hosting a celebration. Empty your pantry cabinets and refrigerator, and dispose of any food that is past its prime. Then thoroughly clean your countertops for a sanitary surface to work on. If counter space is a commodity in your kitchen, think “inside” the box with clever storage solutions. Inside cabinet accessories (such as a heavy duty mixer lift, door mounted spice rack, or baking tray divider) can help make baking a breeze.


2. Plan Ahead

By choosing your favorite recipes to bake ahead of time you’ll know what ingredients you need to buy and what you already have on hand. You’ll also remember to include any family food traditions (like Great-Grandma’s Gingerbread), and take any dietary restrictions (like food allergies) into consideration. Then use your kitchen island as a place to cool all those cakes, pies, and cookies as they come out of the oven!


3. Stay Stocked

Take an inventory on display platters, bake ware, spatulas, and other miscellaneous items you’ll need for your holiday baked goods. Keep things you’ll be using the most in easy to reach places within your kitchen cabinets. Group small or specialty items (like sprinkles and icing pens) in a basket so they are contained and accessible.


4. Equipment And Appliances

Check to make sure you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips. Heavy-duty appliances, although expensive, are worth their weight in gold and are a good investment. Versatile appliances like stand mixers and food processors are baking necessities and can make light work out of heavy baking. 


Holiday Cookie Tin5. Storage Solutions

Holiday baking is all about giving! Consider what you will need in the way of gift packaging and to-go boxes. And don’t forget airtight storage containers for keeping your treats fresh until you are ready to share them with friends and family. You may want to stock up on decorative bags, cardboard boxes, canisters, and holiday tins from your local dollar store before they sell out!

Ring in the holidays with sweets and a spacious kitchen! Use these five easy steps to create the perfect baking station in your kitchen this holiday season.


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