​Small Bathrooms: 5 Smart Space-Saving Tricks

When square footage is scarce, a bathroom can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Other than moving forward with a full remodel, here are five tricks of the trade for how to save space in a small bathroom.

1. Swap traditional bathroom vanities for wall-mounted models.

Many modern homes have adopted wall-mounted bathroom vanities because they offer a sleek, contemporary style that accents the theme of their house. With the absence of legs (like with traditional standing vanities) you gain floor space, thus making the bathroom feel less cluttered. Our Abba 36″ Vanity Set is a great example of a space-saving vanity with wall-mounted installation, and this selection also includes both open shelving and drawers for optimal storage. Anyone with a small bathroom knows the value of good storage!


2. Install recessed shelving in showers.

If your bathroom has a smaller shower, even the soap dish and shelving can seem in the way. Eliminate those obtrusive edges by replacing your standard shower shelves and caddies with recessed shelving. Recessed shower shelves are installed within the wall of your shower to give you ample storage without losing any precious space. They also make your shower look current — even more traditional bathrooms that haven’t been updated in years.

3. Opt for a freestanding tub.

If you’re sure your bathtub is dominating your bathroom, this tip is for you! It’s hard to imagine how much space you can actually save by simply replacing your traditional tub with a freestanding design — but let me tell you, it’s pretty significant. By eliminating the borders around your bathtub you free up more floor space, and since freestanding tubs come in an array of sizes and shapes you can select a style that fits perfectly with the dimensions of your small bathroom.

4. Maintain a monochromatic color scheme.

Too much color and décor can make a small bathroom seem even smaller. Instead opt for a simplistic design that uses as few colors as possible. Keeping walls and tile within a few shades will also help to elongate the room and make it feel more open. Light neutrals are the best colors to achieve the illusion of a larger bathroom, and incorporating as much light (natural or artificial) as possible amplifies this effect. An additional trick to make a small bathroom appear larger is to hang a large mirror above your bathroom vanity. Mirrors are a go-to in interior design whenever a small space is involved, and a large vanity-to-ceiling mirror is guaranteed to work its magic in your small bathroom.

5. Choose a toilet with a concealed tank.  

There’s no need to have a traditional, bulky toilet with today’s modern designs. A wall-hung or wall-mounted toilet with a concealed tank can save inches of space in your bathroom. This sleek style may have a contemporary feel but is actually quite simple, and will soon become the standard choice as homeowners continue to shift their preference to wall-mounted toilets.
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