All Hail Hickory, Part 2: Hickory 101

It’s difficult to pick out the perfect material for kitchen cabinets—especially when there are so many finishes, wood varieties, and paint colors to choose from. Plus, it’s time consuming to learn the pros and cons of each one. So we’re spotlighting hickory this month in hopes of making the decision process easier for you! Read on to find out everything you need to know about this amazing wood.

What is hickory?
Hickory is a type of American hardwood and a member of the walnut family. Hickory trees are relatively slow growing and can reach up to 120 feet at maturity. One of the easiest ways to identify hickory in its natural habitat is by its bark. Hickory has a grayish shagbark that makes it look like the tree is shedding. Hickory is also a deciduous tree, which means its leaves turn pale green to yellowish-brown in autumn and then fall off. Hickory trees are also fruit-bearing and produce nuts. Commercially sold hickory wood can range in color depending on the part of the tree it came from. Hardwood experts say the sapwood is white with nearly invisible fine brown lines, while the heartwood ranges from pale to reddish brown.
Where can it be found?
Unlike many other woods that are sold commercially, hickory is native to the United States of America. It grows most abundantly in the eastern part of the country with more than a dozen species located around that region.
What are the benefits of hickory?
Hickory is a unique type of wood. Wood experts say its combination of hardness, bending strength, density, and shock resistance make it one of the toughest, if not the toughest, wood out there. Some say it’s actually the heaviest and strongest American wood!

What is it used for?
Hickory’s durability and strength make it a popular choice for products that get a lot of daily wear and tear. According to researchers, hickory has a long history of use that dates back to the early Native Americans. Today, hickory continues to be used for items that need to hold up to everyday wear and tear, like tool handles, baseball bats, chairs, flooring, ladders, and of course, kitchen cabinets.

Why should you choose hickory kitchen cabinets?
Hickory is a great choice for kitchen cabinets because of its durability and versatility. If you’re in the market for medium color kitchen cabinets—hickory is the wood for you. Hickory cabinets look great with medium-to-dark finishes and compliment light and dark countertops. This wood looks especially good with granite. Hickory cabinets will create a warm, rustic vibe that’ll make your kitchen a cozy and inviting place. Plus, they’ll last for years to come!
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