Small Kitchens: 5 Smart Space-Saving Tricks

Last week, we told you about 5 Smart Space-Saving Tricks for small Bathrooms. Today, we are letting the kitchen take center stage with these tips to make even the smallest of kitchens shine! The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, but it can also give you a bad case of heartburn when space is limited. With a few clever kitchen hacks, there can be a place for everything and everything in its place — giving you more room to prep meals, and find what you need in a snap. It’s all in the details!

1. Inside Cabinet Accessories 

At TheRTAStore, we know the value of inside cabinet accessories. That is why we offer a great selection of helpful organizational items to suit kitchens both large and small, and everything in between! From pull out cabinet organizers that hold cookware, foil and wraps, and even your waste container, to mixer lifts, cutlery trays, spice racks and more, we have you covered! Anyone with a small kitchen knows these space-saving items let you make the most of your drawers and cabinets, freeing up valuable countertop and floor space. Plus they help keep you organized and sane when looking for that elusive cooking tool or utensil.

 2. Walls

Now that your cabinets are well-organized and filled, let’s take a look at the walls! Cluttered countertops are never good, but there is lots of vertical real estate just waiting to be taken advantage of in a small kitchen. Instead of storing large utensils in a jug on your work surface, use hooks for items that are used often, like ladles, spatulas and spoons, and small pans. Ditch the knife block for a wall-mounted magnetic knife rack that keeps these invaluable tools within reach. Commonly installed under wine racks and other wall cabinets, stem glass holders are another clever space-saver. And don’t forget open shelving to house canisters and mixing bowls.

3. Ceilings

Just like your walls, ceilings are often overlooked, but offer a great space-saving storage option. Installing a hanging pot rack overhead not only puts your cookware in a convenient location, it also add visual interest to a small kitchen. Decorative pot racks in brushed nickel, chrome, gold or bronze finishes can add a stylish focal point to your kitchen. Speaking of ceilings, if you are in the market to replace your old kitchen cabinets, consider options that go all the way to ceiling to give you an extra shelf or two of storage space.

4. Sinks

It may sound simple, but you can gain a foot or more of precious countertop space by just choosing the right sink! Instead of a large double bowl, small-scale, single bowl sinks take up less room and let you keep as much countertop space as you can. Take it a step beyond by opting for an undermount sink to eke out a few more inches. TheRTAStore offers sinks in every style, size, and finish, whatever your kitchen needs may be!

5. Kitchen Islands and Carts

If you need a little extra storage, adding a portable kitchen island or cart can help! If you have a narrow galley kitchen, try placing it against a far wall instead of in the center of the room, and move it about as needed. Portable kitchen islands and carts offer extra countertop and cabinet space, and some even come with a wine rack feature.

Want to learn more about our fabulous kitchen cabinets and space-saving solutions? Give us a call or visit us online and let one of our friendly kitchen designers help you design the kitchen of your dreams!