Use Concrete in Kitchen Countertops and more! | The RTA Store

Concrete is becoming a popular material to achieve that unfinished, industrial look in rustic kitchens, contemporary kitchens, and other themes. Find out five unique ways you can incorporate concrete into your kitchen design here.

1. Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Whether you like trendy and kitsch or vintage and antiquated, concrete countertops can help amplify the theme in your kitchen. Extremely durable, simple, clean and cheap — concrete serves as the ultimate surface for kitchen countertops and islands. Create your own unique concrete countertop by adding some unexpected elements into the mix, like pieces of colored glass or seashells collected from your family’s vacations. Concrete can also be stained in almost any color imaginable so getting it to match your kitchen is no trouble at all.

2. Concrete Kitchen Floors

Not sure which type of hardwood or tile floor you like best for your kitchen? Consider concrete instead! It can be customized in endless ways to achieve the color, look and feel you desire. From translucent stains to rich dyes, color can be added to concrete through many different methods. Stamping, scoring or polishing easily achieves any texture imaginable. As a bonus, compared to most other flooring materials, concrete is actually eco-friendly. And because it’s great at absorbing heat it’s a favorite choice for homeowners that want electric floor heating.

3. Support For A Kitchen Table Or Bench

Take inspiration from this modular home in Ecuador and use concrete blocks to support a kitchen table or bench. This easy and affordable dining room table is achieved by simply securing a slab of wood between two concrete blocks. Pull up a few chairs and you have yourself a rustic dining table for a fraction of the cost. Similarly you could create a bench by placing concrete blocks on both sides and beneath the wooden slab.

4. Concrete Kitchen Sinks

In an industrial style kitchen, an unfinished concrete sink can resemble stone, giving the room an organic, earthy feel. When polished concrete is used it can create a striking kitchen sink perfect for a modern or contemporary room. In theory, you would think the sight of concrete is a bit unsettling, as the material must appear rough and cold. But actually the use of concrete feels very Zen, fitting for a hotel resort or spa. Witnessing the running water against the rock-like material is reminiscent of water dancing through a stream or cascading down a waterfall.

5. Concrete Furniture Or Storage 

With the right pair of hands, concrete can be transformed into many interesting structures. From cubes used as open shelving to a surprisingly comfortable chair, concrete has endless possibilities for furnishing your kitchen. Those with an open concept floor plan can also use concrete to build a half-wall or divide that adds an interesting element to your kitchen design. If you have a DIY nature, search online for tutorials on how to create with concrete and learn to build your own concrete kitchen furniture. Even if you’re not the artistic type, don’t worry — your contractor or designer should be able to help you fulfill any concrete dreams you may have.

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