5 Essential Features For A More Organized Full Bathroom

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll hear realtors and contractors throw around terms like a “three-quarter bath” or “full bath” when discussing a property’s features. So what kind of bathroom do you have?

When finalizing your renovation project plan, it’s important to know what size bathroom you currently have and what size you want. A standard full bathroom has four parts: a toilet, a sink, a shower and a bathtub. A bathroom without a tub will be referred to as a three-quarter bath. A bathroom without a tub or a shower is a half bath.

A common project is converting a three-quarter bathroom into a full bathroom. Many homeowners are looking to add in a tub, which is a great addition — especially in a master bathroom. But adding more to your bathroom doesn’t automatically mean your bathroom will be more organized.

If you want to make sure your full bathroom stays organized, here are five essential features to include in your renovation project plan.

1.Easy To Clean Floor Plan With Low-Maintenance Materials

When deciding on a floor plan for your bathroom, you probably are thinking about the look first and foremost. But have you thought about the ease to move around and actually clean the space? Or if the materials that you are choosing are easy to maintain?

This is often an overlooked feature that many homeowners later regret. With lots of nooks and crannies that are hard to reach, cleaning becomes a chore that no one wants to tackle.

Certain materials are also easier to clean than others. When finalizing your bathroom design with the RTA Store, make choices that will keep your new bathroom looking new for years to come.

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2. Ample Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Having the right cabinetry is key if you want a more organized full bathroom. Take advantage of custom options that allow you to choose the perfect vanity and cabinets for your specific space.

Even if your bathroom is irregularly shaped, you can optimize every inch with the right vanity and cabinets. That might mean tapping into your vertical space with tall bathroom wall cabinets or extending your vanity along two walls. Either way, our team is here to help you find the best fit for your full bath.

 3. Spacious Double Sink

If your full bathroom is shared by two or more people, a double sink is an amazing asset. With the extra personal space, countertop clutter is greatly minimized.

Whether you share the space with your partner or you’re renovating a kids’ bathroom, everyone can benefit from a double sink. Even though we like to think there is a team mentality to cleaning, the truth is, individuals tend to be better about keeping their personal space organized when it is solely theirs.

If your full bath can’t accommodate a double sink, there are other ways to create personal space, and we’ll get into that next.

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4. Inside Cabinet Storage Solutions

Inside cabinet storage solutions are essential if organization is a priority in your home. They can be installed directly into your cabinets and drawers, so that you can keep all of your cleaning supplies, toiletries and towels neatly stored and separated.

There are even inside cabinet accessories that can conceal items that usually take up floor space — like your trash can and your hamper! I think we can all agree that dirty laundry is best out of sight, even if we can’t get it completely out of mind.

5. Functional Wall Accessories

Wall accessories are another necessary bathroom feature to include. When choosing towel bars, robe hooks and other bathroom hardware, focus on functionality.

How many people will be using this space? Would it make sense to install the towel bar along a shower wall instead of above the toilet? Could that space be used for extra bathroom cabinet storage instead?

When you think critically and take the time to plan, you can design your bathroom to be clean, functional, and organized!


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