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7 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter is coming! In less than two months, we’ll be bidding our beautiful fall leaves goodbye and welcoming in a winter wonderland. Whether your season will be a whirlwind of holiday parties or family gatherings, it always helps to have your home ready for these months to come. From the best way to clean kitchen cabinets to how to stay extra warm, here are our top tips for getting winter-ready. 


Brazilian Shaker - The RTA StorePrep your home for parties.


Winter is undoubtedly the season for entertaining, which can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work. I like to get my kitchen and dining room area ready for guests beforehand so the thought of having people over doesn’t exhaust me. That includes cleaning out the refrigerator, oven and stovetop, organizing kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet drawers, bringing out serving ware, and doing a little decorating.


Clean: Do a deep kitchen clean that covers the refrigerator, oven, stovetop, and kitchen cabinets. The hardest spots are usually burnt-on food on the stovetop or burners, and the best product for that is Bar Keepers Friend (it works great on grimy kitchen sinks as well). Coffee, spills, and grease on cabinets can also be tough to tackle. The best way to clean kitchen cabinets is with a wood cleaner, and Murphy Oil Soap is the timeless choice. If your cabinets are painted be sure to read the instructions on your wood cleaner, as some will recommend diluting first.


Organize: That moment when your grandma or mother-in-law asks where you keep your can opener and lands on your junk drawer by luck? Not flattering. Use this time to throw out unused items and organize kitchen cabinet drawers. If you’re not already using kitchen cabinet organizers to make better use of space, the time is now. It’ll be much easier reaching for serving ware, pots and pans when they are positioned perfectly in their designated spots. Kitchen cabinet organizers come in all shapes and sizes — check out the selection at TheRTAStore.com.


Decorate: You don’t have to go crazy decorating the kitchen and dining room, but a few minor touches can really make a house feel like a home in the winter. Add some cheery red curtains to the kitchen sink window, slipcovers over dining room chairs to make them comfier, or floor rugs if you have hardwood flooring to keep feet toasty. Winter décor isn’t just wreaths and snow globes.


Extrerior Home in WinterSave money and stay cozy this season.


I’m all about being proactive not reactive. If you live in a region where you experience icy cold winters, it’s best to take preventive measures so that a simple fix doesn’t become an expensive emergency. You’re probably thinking, “I definitely don’t have time to inspect my whole home.” That’s totally fine. We're talking about this now so that you are able to manageably check different parts of your home over the next few weeks. Here are the major areas you’ll want to look into to save money and stay warm:


  • Windows and doors: Block out cold air by replacing worn weather stripping around windows and doors, and caulking gaps. Worn doorsteps can also bring in drafts, so replace those if needed.
  • Plumbing: Drain out the water from your hoses and outdoor faucets, and call a professional to blow out in-ground sprinkler pipes. Have you had any problems with pipes in the past? You can use heat tape to stop them from freezing. You should also make sure everyone in your family is familiar with shutting the water off in case a pipe does burst.
  • Fireplace: Have your chimney inspected and cleaned out so you can enjoy warm nights around the fireplace without any issues.  
  • Heating: Check your furnace’s filter and consider having your vents vacuumed out before turning on the heat.   



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