Fall Floral Arrangement

5 DIY Centerpiece Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s almost time to gather around the table for Thanksgiving! Here are some DIY ideas for festive fall centerpieces. With a little creativity, you can set a beautiful, unique table that will impress your guests just as much as the holiday feast. Best of all, some of the materials can be found in your own backyard or pantry cabinet!


Autumn Apothecary Jars

Pottery Barn started the trend, but today, apothecary jars can be found online and at just about any store that carries home goods. These glass jars are usually fluted or curved, with a pedestal base and knobbed lid. They are sold individually or in sets of three, and prices vary from around $5 to $50 dollars apiece. For this project, you will want three jars of varying sizes.


Layer three different colors of dry beans in the small jar. Add an assortment of nuts in their shells to the medium jar (or a collection of acorns). And finally, fill the large jar with pinecones. Place a burlap table runner across your table to anchor this nature-inspired theme. Tie a satin or grosgrain ribbon around each jar or lid. Arrange your jars in a triangle in the center of the table with the small jar centered in front of the medium and large jar.

Silver Dollar Branches

Fall Branches Vase

Making this centerpiece is as simple as gathering branches in your yard. Look for a tree with colorful leaves and prune accordingly. Place your colorful branches in a glass or pottery vase in the center of you table for a touch of autumn indoors. Alternatives include dried Lunaria (Silver Dollar branches), dried Pampas Grass fronds, or Pussy Willow.


Bittersweet Pumpkins

Start by placing a festive, fall fabric table runner across your table. You can use real pumpkins for this project but we recommend buying plastic pumpkins at your local craft store so you can reuse this centerpiece year after year. Paint your pumpkins white and wrap them in faux bittersweet vines (the red and orange bittersweet will pop against white pumpkins, but you can leave your pumpkins orange if you prefer).


Stacked Heirloom Pumpkins

If you are lucky enough to have a local pumpkin patch that offers heirloom pumpkins, try this fun and festive centerpiece. Purchase a lovely-shaped, medium-sized pumpkin in a beautiful color, such as the Queensland Blue, Fairytale, or Kakai varieties. Place it on a pedestal cake stand and remove the stem. Top it with a smaller pumpkin of a contrasting color, such as Orange Smoothie, or Lil’ Pump-ke-mon.


Fall Floral Arrangement

Making a Thanksgiving CenterpieceFor the ultimate fall flower arrangement, hollow out the inside of a round, orange pumpkin, or cut the top off of a plastic pumpkin. Line the interior with plastic wrap, and place a piece of floral foam inside. If using real flowers instead of silk, leave enough room to add a little water. You will also want to wait to make this centerpiece until right before the holiday. Then add cut flowers like mums, carnations, sunflowers, yellow roses, and cattails to the floral foam in a lovely arrangement.


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