Radical Recycling: Doing More to Make Less Waste

Maybe you already make the effort to recycle the standard recyclables — cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. If you're hoping to kick your recycling up a notch, you've come to the right place. And why wouldn't we want to recycle more materials more often? When we recycle, we're turning waste into new products, thereby saving energy and money.

What can be recycled and how differs by community, so it's a good idea to check with your local waste management service before diving in. Our tips will follow what is generally accepted. In terms of what can be recycled, think paper, books, wide-mouth plastic containers, empty aerosol cans, and food boxes. All of these items should be rinsed and as free of food residue as possible. Although pizza boxes are generally recyclable, they might not be if they're drenched in grease, cheese and sauce. Items that you might question, but likely cannot recycle, are glassware, pots and pans, ceramics, and light bulbs. Some you might consider taking to a thrift store if they're still usable.

Now that you know what all to recycle, it's time to make it an easier process that becomes habitual. Pullout waster containers are one of the best options. These are available to fit single or double waste containers so you could designate recycling by waste container or by pullout cabinet. If you're able to dedicate one double pullout cabinet to recycling, you can further break down organization with bins dedicated to different recyclables. You could also look into upper and lower baskets with rails in your cabinet space, which make it even more visible/accessible. And for smaller recyclable items like rechargable batteries, you might put small, almost cookie-jar like containers on your counter labeled for what goes inside.

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