Which Sink is Right for Your Kitchen?

The sink is one of the most important fixtures in every kitchen. You’d be hard pressed to go a day without using it. So if you’re remodeling your kitchen or designing a new one, it’s important to put thought into the kitchen sink.
There are two main elements to consider when choosing the perfect sink: material and type. Find your perfect combination of these two elements and you’re on your way to finding the right sink for your kitchen!
Stainless Steel
We’ll start with stainless steel because it’s the most commonly used sink material. Why is it so popular? Here at TheRTAStore.com, we’ve found that stainless steel’s durability and sleek appearance make it a top choice. Ours are made from a special chromium and nickel combination that’s guaranteed not to rust. Stainless steel sinks are great for high-traffic kitchens and families with kids.
It may seem like an odd material for a sink, but it’s actually a great choice! This heavy duty stone is the most durable material for kitchen sinks. The granite sinks you’ll find at TheRTAStore.com contain silver ions which kill 99% of bacteria on contact. Granite is also stain resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant (up to 550 degrees), and isn’t harmed by household cleaners. Granite is a great idea for families and people who love to cook.

A copper sink is a beautiful, rustic choice for a sink. The handcrafted copper sinks on TheRTAStore.com will add warmth and vintage appeal to your kitchen.  They’re also antibacterial and rust-resistant. However, this material is not for every kitchen. Unlike stainless and granite, copper isn’t scratch resistant. Ours do have a hammered finish to help conceal small scratches that will occur over time. This beautiful sink would look best in a vintage or traditional kitchen.
Finally, there’s porcelain. This eye-catching sink material is durable and comes in a wide variety of colors if you don’t like the traditional white. A porcelain sink would fit seamlessly into a farmhouse or vintage kitchen. However, porcelain sinks are prone to chipping and getting scuffed by metal pans.
Also known as apron front because the front of the sink isn’t enclosed by cabinetry. Farmhouse sinks usually consist of a single, deep basin and come in porcelain for ultimate vintage appeal. However, stainless steel options are also available for more modern kitchens. Consumer experts say the farmhouse sink is a more expensive choice because it requires special cabinetry.  
Double Basin
This type of sink is popular because it allows you to perform two tasks at the same time. The divider in the middle allows you to wash dishes on one side, while drying them on the other. The size of each basin is also something to consider. They come 50/50, where both basins are equal in size, or 60/40, where one basin is slightly larger than the other. The downside of double basin sinks: the smaller basins make it hard to wash large pots and pans.
Our self-rimming sinks are flush with the countertop. Drop-in sinks are an economical choice and fairly simple to install (hence the name “drop-in”). They’re also very easy to keep clean making them a great option for high-traffic kitchens.
This type of sink is installed below the countertop. Home experts recommend undermount sinks because they make cleanup easy since you can wipe crumbs or scraps directly into them. Keep in mind that undermount sinks can only be used with solid-surface countertops like granite and marble.