5 Interesting Bathroom Materials

While granite has risen as one of the most popular bathroom materials, it is far from the only option. Today’s bathroom vanities are offered with a variety of countertops and in this post we will discuss five of the most interesting choices. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom and are in the market for a new bathroom vanity or are shopping to replace the countertop of an existing piece, this list should help you decide which bathroom materials might work best in your home.


Marble is a striking and elegant choice for bathroom vanities. It complements both rich woods and white cabinets, and comes in a variety of colors and designs. The price can be higher than other materials but many homeowners feel the incomparable look is worth the greater investment. With marble you can choose an understated solid, such as classic ivory, or go with a more intricate style, like the bold statement of Italian Cararra marble. Either way you will be guaranteed to have a beautiful countertop for your bathroom vanity for years to come.


Tile can be used to resurface bathroom vanities that have not aged gracefully but they are also a popular choice for homeowners that want to add an interesting element of design. With tile you have endless options — from materials (ceramic, glass, porcelain) to color to size. But even though tile itself is easy to clean, grout is an entirely different story. With a tile countertop be prepared to do routine maintenance on your grout to keep it looking clean and true to color. (Some homeowners prefer a colored grout to white as it can require less maintenance over time.)


For modern bathrooms, glass is a popular countertop choice. It is sleek, unexpected and blends well with modern fixtures. Even when added to more traditional bathroom vanities, glass can give a contemporary feel. For homes that mix modern and traditional, glass is an excellent selection. It is also praised for being easy to clean and is simple enough to replace when needed — two very welcomed advantages!

Man-made stone  

A man-made stone countertop can work with a variety of styles of bathroom vanities. If you are going for a rustic country look, stone can be a good choice to add a natural, earthy feel. It is also popular in European style bathrooms that have a dramatic edge. With man-made stone you will get the durability of quartz with the look of natural stone. Yep, you can have your cake and eat it too!


While wood may have its perks — attractive, interesting, inexpensive — it is harder to keep clean and can be damaged by water more easily than other countertop materials. It is also extremely porous, so stains can be common and plentiful. If purchasing a wood countertop for your vanity, you will want to seal it before you begin use so that water does not rot the stunning wood and ruin your countertop for good.

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