5 Unique Wall Treatments That Are Affordable And Easy To DIY

Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your dream bathroom or highlight your rustic kitchen cabinets, a unique wall treatment can help transform any room in the home. From surprising fabrics to creative tiles, there are so many interesting and affordable options out there. The best part about a new wall treatment? You can DIY! Check out five of our favorite options.

3-6-20 RTA2-Black And White Pebbled Tumbled Pattern












1.  Pebbled Tile

Whether as a backsplash or accent wall, pebbled tile from The RTA Store is a great way to add texture, dimension, and color to the room. It’s an awesome choice for your dream bathroom, and pebbled tile’s natural features fit in perfectly with a variety of themes. The mesh backing also makes installation super easy, and at around $16 per square foot, it’s a more than fair price for marble. Give your bathroom a refreshing pop with this affordable wall treatment option.

2. Burlap

You can get 10 yards of natural burlap for under $50, so it is definitely a budget-friendly wall treatment. It is also an old-school hack for hiding the holes left behind from hanging artwork. Best of all, when used as a wall treatment, it resembles high-end grasscloth or even silk. It’s the ultimate interior design dupe! Of course, you can pay a professional to apply this unexpected wall covering, but you could absolutely DIY by using a cornstarch and water mixture. If you’re going to sheath your walls in burlap, you’ll need a way to camouflage the edges. Painting the wall behind it in a similar color helps, as does purchasing the largest panels you can find.

3-6-20 RTA3-Arabescato Carrara 1_ Hexagon













3. Wood

If you’ve watched one too many episodes of Fixer Upper and you see shiplap in your sleep, you can stop dreaming. Achieving the Gaines’ signature look is easier than you think. To install shiplap yourself, all you’ll need is a stud finder, saw, level, hammer, and nails. You can purchase wall planks already finished or paint them yourself. There are even peel-and-stick options for a faster finished product, or consider our easy to clean, water-resistant wood-look tile.

4. Wallpaper

If the word wallpaper makes you cringe, you’re probably associating it with the antiquated styles of homes past. Today’s prints and patterns offer wallpaper in a whole new way. From abstract art to large leafy prints, modern wallpaper can help you express your personal style or just liven up your space. Wallpaper is also available in a wide range of prices, so there is a solution for every budget.  If you’re not completely ready to jump on the wallpaper train, consider testing the water with fabric wallpaper. Since fabric wallpaper can be applied with liquid starch rather than a heavy-duty adhesive, it is a more temporary option than traditional wallpaper.

3-6-20 RTA4-Arabescato Carrara With Black Marble Basket Weave Tile













5. Basket Weave Tile

Another interesting marble tile pattern is the basket weave. Arabescato Carrara tile has a basketweave pattern and features the whites and grays of classic Carrara with stunning black accents. This mesh backed tile is easy to install as backsplash and offers a dynamic contrast to rustic kitchen cabinets and other farmhouse decor. It also makes for a beautiful bathroom accent wall, as seen here, and could give your dream bathroom the final touch you’ve been searching for.



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