Inspirational Home Office Ideas For A Happier Workspace

When you enjoy what you do, working doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when you have the option of completing your tasks at home. Wouldn’t it be nice to wear casual clothes all day, working in peace and quiet, with the occasional laundry room break to throw a load in the wash or trip to the kitchen pantry cabinet for a snack? When you work from home, all this is possible!

Of course, with so much flexibility, it can be easy to fall into a rut. What happens when you have a job to do or deadline to keep, but you’re tired of your boring home office space? How do you stay focused when you’re distracted by your home to-do list? How do you resist temptation when you’re tired and would rather be cuddled on the sofa in the TV room?

Obviously, working from home has its own unique set of benefits and challenges. To be successful, you need to be disciplined, organized, and have a home office that is not only functional, but also a space you enjoy spending most of your day in. Here are a few inspirational home office ideas for a happier workspace.

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Make thoughtful choices.

Nothing invigorates a dreary workspace quite like color and new decor, but there is a fine line between just the right amount and overdoing it. The last thing you need is an overly busy and distracting home office. Strive to keep things simple and appropriate for your industry. For example, pastel colors, great lighting, and a vintage camera collection are perfect accents for a family photographer while modern colors, custom cabinets with bookshelves, and oversized leather sofas are suitable for a lawyer.

Find balance.

When it comes to interior design, color affects everything, including your mood, comfort and energy levels. Whether you work in a fast-paced or laid-back industry, start with a versatile, neutral paint for the walls, such as gray or creamy white. Then, layer in colorful accents in moderation. Good options for a home office include an accent wall, window treatments, area rugs, potted plants, art, upholstery, and throw pillows. Most importantly, don’t forget a comfortable desk chair!

Consider your goals.

To stimulate energy and ideas, opt for exciting colors like red and yellow. To boost creativity and confidence, try bright bursts of orange or purple. For a tranquil and more productive home office, shades or blue or green are calming and improve focus.  Remember that light and airy colors create the illusion of more space, while darker shades are ideal for a cozy environment.

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Consider your needs.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a cluttered workspace. Custom cabinets offer the ultimate solution for your unique needs, whether it’s a large desk where you can spread out or plenty of cabinet and shelf space to store all your home office essentials. Instead of a messy desk with overflowing drawers, you’ll have a proper space to stay organized and tidy. And everyone knows an organized and tidy home office is a happier home office.


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