3 Tips To Get Your Laundry Room Ready For Spring

When it comes to interior design, the laundry room is often forgotten territory. As long as it’s serving its main purpose, why bother with the bells and whistles?

However, giving your laundry room a little face lift can actually improve its form and its function. When making your list of things that need cleaning or improving this spring, don’t forget to add these three items. Your laundry room will be cleaner (and your life a little bit easier) because of it!

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1. Install laundry room cabinetry to organize all of your everyday essentials.

Raise your hand if all of your supplies are scattered along the only shelf in your laundry room? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most laundry rooms have one built in shelf floating above the washer and dryer — and most of us never think we need more.

The truth is, laundry room cabinetry can greatly improve the flow in your laundry room. From storing detergent and dryer sheets to socking away ironing boards and drying racks, cabinets can take your laundry room to a new level.

When customizing your grey raised panel or white shaker cabinets, keep in mind what features would improve your life the most. For large families, large base cabinets to store sorting bins makes it easier than ever to separate lights, darks and delicates. If you air dry a lot of your clothes, hanging a bar under your upper cabinetry could replace that awkward drying rack permanently in the corner of your bedroom.

2. Maintain your dryer vent and ducts to save you time and keep you safe.

Hopefully you’re emptying your lint filter after each load — or at least every few loads. Either way, you know how quickly lint can build up. But your filter isn’t catching all of the lint your laundry produces. Lint is also escaping into your dryer vent and ducts, which is why it’s important to clean them out at least once per year.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t pay any attention to our vent or ducts until the dryer stops working. When you don’t clean them regularly, clogged lint can cause the heating element to burn out. In some cases, it can even lead to a fire.

Don’t let things escalate to this point by properly maintaining your dryer. Spring is a great time to clean your vent and ducts, as you are already in cleaning mode. First, check the outside opening for any obstructions like leaves or animal nests. Remove any debris that could block the vent opening. Then remove lint either with a flexible brush, vacuum hose, or air compressor. Once everything is clear, you should notice that your dryer works more efficiently and you are less likely to have to run a load through a second cycle.

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3. Clean the appliances and room that keep you clean and tidy.

A lot of cleaning happens in the laundry room, but sometimes we forget that the laundry room and appliances need a good cleaning themselves. It’s important to routinely clean laundry room surfaces and appliances so that they can continue to do their job of keeping you clean and tidy. Plus, those white shaker cabinets look even more amazing when they shine! Here are a few more tasks to add to your spring cleaning list:

  • Run white vinegar through the washer to freshen things up. Vinegar is very acidic, so it’s great for dissolving soap scum buildup.
  • Pull out your washer and dryer to vacuum behind and around them. There are a lot of hard to reach places around large appliances, so it’s important to slide them out every now and then. You may even finally find those missing socks!
  • While your appliances are away from the wall, use this opportunity to wipe down their entire exteriors.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and water to buff away the mineral deposits and spray-starch that can build up on your iron.
  • Take down all supplies, and use a cloth and cleaner to wipe down shelves and cabinets inside and out.


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