5 Beautiful Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Ready to change the look of your outdated kitchen and cook up a stylish new design? Then check out these five beautiful kitchen flooring ideas which are sure to help bring out your inner designer!

Leather Flooring

Yes, that’s right…leather!

Leather is used just about everywhere from clothing and shoes, to sofas, chairs, and tables. And since it’s used everywhere, why not use it as a flooring material?

Leather flooring is a sustainable and very beautiful material that’s as durable as laminate flooring, but has the feel of cork. If you’re looking for a variety of colors to choose from, you will not be disappointed, as there are many color options available, as well as different size tiles, planks and sheets.

Bamboo Flooring

Looking for a chic and cost effective flooring material? Try bamboo! Bamboo is one of the oldest materials known to man. It’s an extremely eco-friendly material that can grow fast anywhere in the world.

Bamboo looks like wood, but it’s not wood. It’s a fast growing grass that can be easily changed to look like light or dark wood species.

Some types of bamboo are extremely hard and strong. Bamboo is also slightly more resistant to water damage and stains than traditional wood.

Ceramic Tile Made To Look Like Hardwood

Today’s technology is truly amazing! If you love the look of hardwood, but don’t like the cost associated with it, a great alternative to hardwood is ceramic tiles made to look like hardwood.

Since these floor tiles are made to look like hardwood, you get the look of hardwood without all of the weaknesses that come with having genuine hardwood in a kitchen.


Want to add an air of sophistication, elegance, and class to your kitchen? Then marble flooring might be right for you.

Marble is a unique and beautiful material that has a timeless look and feel. Marble is mined from the center of a mountain and then refined into slabs, tiles or mosaics. There are many different shades, patterns, and colors available.

When we say that marble is unique, it’s because no two tiles or slabs will look the same. And like bamboo and leather marble is an eco-friendly material that’s biodegradable.


If you’re looking for something that’s a little different from traditional flooring materials, concrete flooring is a great alternative.

Concrete flooring is a very durable and low maintenance material. You won’t have to worry about damaging it with high heels, pet scratches or dropping things on it.

If you think concrete is only available in a drab gray…think again. Today’s technology allows manufactures to create lots of different varieties in colors and textures to suite your needs.

To some degree, concrete flooring can also be considered an eco-friendly material, if there is an existing concrete subfloor already available, which means there will be no carbon footprint with regard to making the product.

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