Freshly Baked Bread and Hot Tea

The 8 Hottest Kitchen Tools For The Colder Months

Do you want to stay warm and well fed all fall and winter long? With colder weather come some of our favorite comfort foods! Stock your kitchen cabinets and drawers with the hottest kitchen tools for the colder months, and let’s heat things up in the kitchen!


Waffle Iron: There is noting quite like fresh and fluffy waffles on a chilly Saturday morning – just add butter and sweet maple syrup! But did you know waffles are also a great vehicle for savory dishes? For a holiday twist on chicken and waffles, top Belgium waffles with leftover turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce. Or try sweet potato waffles with toasted pecans!


Soup Pot: Soup is a favorite cold weather meal, and it’s easy to make when you have a large soup pot for simmering on the stove. Cold weather favorites include chicken noodle, vegetable beef, tomato, and butternut squash soup. Or use your soup pot to make a double batch of spicy chili!


Electric Stand Mixer

Holiday baking is a breeze when you have a stand mixer. You can mix, whip, and knead to your heart’s content with this handy tool. Don’t forget the attachments for grinding food, or making homemade pasta. You can store your mixer on the countertop, or tuck it away behind cabinet doors with a heavy-duty mixer lift instead.


Electric Indoor Griddle: A family-sized indoor griddle is perfect for whipping up bacon and eggs for the family! It’s also great for making pancakes, quesadillas, or grilled cheese sandwiches. Just plug it in and cook up a feast. You can even use it to sear burgers or crab cakes.


Beef Stew in a Slow CookerSlow Cooker: The workhorse of winter is the slow cooker. This appliance is perfect for hearty stews, pulled pork, and roasts. Just toss the ingredients in the slow cooker when you wake up, and come home to a hot meal at the end of the day.


Pressure Cooker: If you’re not so great at planning ahead, the pressure cooker can whip up meals extra fast! Food cooks at double, or even triple the rate, and tastes succulent and tender.


Electric Roaster: This appliance is a holiday lifesaver! An electric roaster can cook a large turkey, leaving the oven free for all your delicious side dishes. Who doesn’t love stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie with their Thanksgiving turkey?


Bread Maker: It seems like everyone is nostalgic for the 1990s at the moment, and the bread maker was the hot ticket item of the decade. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to make a kitchen feel all toasty. It’s as easy as flipping a switch when you have a bread maker!



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