Kitchen Design Tips for Your New Home

If you're building a new home or completely renovating your kitchen, then you're in for a great time and world of possibilities. Making design choices can be tough, but luckily there's an entire community of designers, friends, and families that can provide helpful tips and recommendations.

In terms of best overall layouts, you might consider an open-concept kitchen. This means an open, multifunctional space that ideally has ample natural lighting shining throughout. To unite the spaces, make your chosen floor continuous throughout the kitchen, dining and living areas. You can do the same with details, by keeping the color scheme consistent, using the same lamp shades, maintaining a particular artistic theme, etc.

One design trend that has been around for a while and continues to grow is combining kitchen cabinet colors. This could be various wood stains and painted colors. Contrasting light and dark is a general trend that is especially apparent in the classic black and white kitchen. Backsplashes can also be a space to create contrast. With many focusing more on the quality of space than the quantity of space, storage is becoming increasingly important in the kitchen. Another popular item that you might have seen on shows like "Fixer Upper" is the farmhouse sink, a statement-making piece with plenty of space.

As for the appliances in your new kitchen, you'll notice that new technology is changing the way we utilize the kitchen. You might look into refrigerators that connect to your phone and allow you to check the contents from outside of your home. You also might consider a hands-free faucet that uses a sensor rather than handles.

Enjoy making your kitchen your own!

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