Galley Kitchen

Small Space Living: How To Make The Most Of A Galley Kitchen

Don’t let cramped quarters get in the way of your culinary dreams. There are plenty of ways to transform your tiny cooking space into a spacious oasis. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for some pro tips to make the most of that galley kitchen, and then use our free kitchen design tool to bring it all to life.


Don’t be afraid to reach a little higher.

When your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of width, you need to take advantage of that vertical height. Extend your kitchen cabinets upward, even if that makes them out of reach. You can always use a small stepping stool to access upper wall cabinets when you need to. Just organize your cabinets by importance so you’re not pulling out that step too often.


Overcome limited storage options by organizing your kitchen cabinets to the max.

Sure, if you just throw your pots and pans in your kitchen cabinet drawers, your galley kitchen will feel far from functional. But if you optimize each and every inch behind those doors and drawers, you won’t even seek the extra space.


The best ways to optimize your storage options in a small kitchen are with kitchen cabinet organizers (for trays, spices, etc.) and kitchen cabinet inserts (that allow you to pull out shelves to make better use of the back space you can’t reach or see). You can shop both kitchen cabinet organizers and kitchen cabinet inserts from The RTA Store’s Storage Accessories section.

Galley Kitchen with Hanging Pot Rack

Think outside the cabinet doors.

While organizing your kitchen cabinets is key, there are also ways outside of your cabinetry to get a handle of your cooking and serving ware. Add some open shelving to make the room feel larger or install a DIY hanging pot rack.


Strategize your kitchen design to accommodate a crowd.

One of the biggest obstacles of a galley kitchen is having more than one chef in the kitchen. A good design strategy to overcome this is positioning the sink at the end of the kitchen rather than have it in the center, where someone may directly be using the opposite countertop space or stove. Even better, put all of your appliances on one side of the room. You can see how this will look when you use our free kitchen design tool to get your custom layout.


Get rid of the old so you can make room for what you love — and use!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s more likely that you have too much stuff than too small of a kitchen. Purge your kitchen of items you bought on a whim but just don’t use, and do away with them. When you only have the things you love and use, you can always find the necessities because they aren’t buried under fancy spices you can’t pronounce and expired waffle mix you never used.  


Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart/Island - The RTA StoreIf there’s no room for a kitchen island, get a portable cart!

Need extra countertop space? Want to make serving guests easier? A portable cart is the answer. You can store it away in a closet or pantry when you don’t need it and whip it out when you do. It is a total lifesaver around the holidays or whenever you’re hosting guests.



At The RTA Store we help make your dream kitchen a reality with RTA (Ready To Assemble) and Pre-Assembled kitchen cabinets, and accessories with the same (if not better) quality you would find at any retail store but for a fraction of the price. Stop by our website or give us a call and let us make your kitchen dreams come true with the help of our free kitchen design tool!