6 Easy and Creative Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen trapped in an icy world of stainless steel appliances and dark colored countertops? Sure, going with a monochromatic color scheme can be a safe bet when laying out the design of your kitchen, but our senses are just dying to be shaken from time to time with a dab of yellows, blues, lime green, mauve, well, you get the picture.

No matter how modern or dated your design may be, look at your kitchen as a blank canvas. To help you decide where to start, we’ve listed five easy and creative ways to add some refreshing color to your kitchen.

1. Mix and Match Cabinetry.

Contrast light colors and dark colors, with lighter colors above the counters, and darker colors in the base. Work in sections, and try painting a small section a snazzy shade of a primary color, perhaps above the refrigerator or on the perimeter. Resist the temptation to match colors, and challenge yourself to break the chains of neutral colors found so often in today’s kitchen.

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2. Hang Art.

Bare wall spaces are just begging to be filled with art work. Scrounge through your local consignment store for some paintings or portraits that suit your interests. Don’t get too carried away with coordinating the colors in the portrait with your kitchen- again, the idea is to challenge your senses with some surprising colors.

3. Paint.

It’s far less time consuming than you might think, and when all is said and done, your kitchen will look and feel brand spanking new. Traditionally, people would paint the entire kitchen one color, but many homeowners today are going with multiple colors for their walls.

If you have chair moulding, go with a green or blue below the moulding, and a light eggshell above the moulding to the ceiling. You can even try painting the backsplash with an accented color, while leaving the opposite wall a neutral color.


4. Colored Appliances.

Secondary colors are just exciting to see, as many of them can help ignite positive thinking when we’re exposed to them. That fire engine red coffee percolator might look kind of eccentric on the shelf in the store, but I guarantee it will draw your attention whenever you’re within eyeshot of the kitchen.

5. Multi-colored Tile Backsplash.

If you have a tiled backsplash already, go ahead and replace it with a checkered design in secondary colors for a modern take on a vintage look.

6. Fruit Basket.

It doesn’t get any easier than filling a giant bowl or basket with some fresh apples, oranges, and bananas. Display it in a central location in the kitchen and let nature take over this whole design thing.
Feel free to use the provided space below for any questions, comments, or additional tips for incorporating color into your kitchen. Thanks for stopping by!