4 Hacks For De-Cluttering Your Open Concept Kitchen And Beyond

The kitchen may be the heart of the clutter in your home, but we all know the disorganization spreads far beyond the boundaries of your open concept kitchen. But despite this growing threat, you can’t seem to conquer the clutter. Until now… Here are the hacks you’ve been looking for that will help you de-clutter your home — from your kitchen wall cabinets and beyond!

1. Melt away the tension.

You probably already use tension rods in your home, whether to hang your shower curtain or hold up the your window drapes. But you’ve probably never thought to use them in your kitchen wall cabinets, have you? The genius behind tension rods in both kitchen and bath cabinets is they offer an easy, organized way to store and access all of your household cleaning essentials. From glass cleaner to your all-purpose disinfectant, simply hang each bottle along the tension rod to free up the floor space in your cabinets and keep clutter under control.

2. What goes up used to go down.

You know those things that always end up on the floor, like umbrellas, bathroom towels, and your kids’ jackets? A great way to get the clutter off of your floor is to have designated hanging space on your walls and doors. Hooks on the back of your bathroom doors invite towels, and hooks next to your entryway make “putting your coat away” second nature. You can even take this concept one step further by utilizing the back of your kitchen and bath cabinets. From a spice rack to storage for your hair dryer and brush, optimizing the interior of cabinet doors is an awesome and often overlooked organizational hack.

3. Out of sight does not mean out of mind.

Get out of the habit of putting things under beds and into “junk” drawers. Just because you can’t see the clutter, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Rather than deal with your mess later, why don’t you just organize it now? Use trays and baskets to create designated areas for all of the odds and ends in your life. Everything should have its own space!

Knock out two birds with one stone by using forgotten items in the home like shoe boxes, mason jars, and old wrapping paper to create repurposed storage solutions that go with the aesthetic of your home. From covering old shoeboxes in your favorite prints and patterns to labeling mason jars, you can easily up-cycle many unwanted items into cute and creative masterpieces that organize the home.

4. You have to see it to believe it.

Jars Filled With PastasOne of the craziest things about clutter is how fast it multiplies. Do you want to know the reason we end up with way more than we need? It’s because we can’t see or find the thing we’re looking for — so we buy more of it!

This rule can apply to pretty much every aspect of storage, from how you fold your clothes (have you tried the KonMari method yet?), to using clear containers for keeping cereal in your pantry. Being able to see everything you have allows you to keep tabs on inventory and never overstock.

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