Time Saving Tips To Use In The Kitchen

When you created your home renovation checklist for the kitchen, designing a space with functionality and flow was probably right up there with finding quality wholesale cabinets. Even if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, it’s natural to want to streamline your tasks, whether it’s cooking a big dinner for the family or simply packing lunch boxes. With these time saving tips, you can worry less — and make the most of your precious time.

Install Inside Cabinet Accessories

4-16-19 RTA2-Spice Drawer

Remember the old adage, a place for everything and everything in its place? When it comes to your home renovation checklist, this sentiment really rings true. If you want to save time in the kitchen, inside cabinet accessories can help you create a more organized space. Imagine finding just the right pot without a second thought, or easily reaching for your spices as you cook. The RTA Store offers a wide variety of options, from knife blocks and spice racks that fit neatly inside drawers, to pull out cookware organizers and mixer lifts that tuck inside your wholesale cabinets.

Prep Ahead As Much As You Can

School lunchboxes

After you plan out your menu for the week and finish up your grocery shopping, take a few minutes to prep what you can ahead of time. The goal is to keep cooking quick and easy when you are pressed for time, such as after work or before school. Wash and chop veggies immediately, marinate meats the night before, and make and freeze extra batches of homemade tomato sauce for pasta. Smart make-ahead meals include chili, soups, and casseroles. Try whipping up a breakfast casserole that can be portioned out and microwaved at a moments notice, or grilling extra chicken at dinnertime to serve on top of salads or in fajitas another night. Or add a little of that tomato sauce and some Mozzarella cheese on your leftover chicken for quick Parmesan Chicken.

More Time Saving Kitchen Tips

  • Keep a shopping list on the refrigerator to add staple items as they run out.
  • Keep juice boxes, chip bags, and fruit in a centralized location, and pack lunches the night before.
  • Keep plates and silverware stored close to the kitchen table.
  • Keep frequently used tools and utensils stored near the stovetop.
  • Kitchen countertops are a workspace, not a catch-all, so keep your countertops free of clutter.
  • Stock up on frozen veggies, canned-goods, and other quick sides.
  • Keep quick breakfast items on hand, like muffins, hardboiled eggs, cereal, and instant oatmeal.
  • Invest in a good slow cooker or instant pot. 

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