9 Tips To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Larger 

You may not be able to change the size of your kitchen, but you can do the next best thing by creating the illusion of a wider, more open space. Here are a few suggestions to help you breathe easier, move around with ease, and aesthetically enjoy your small kitchen.

Seek Sleek Appliances

There are many high-efficiency appliances on the market that allow for quality in smaller sizes, such as a refrigerator that is taller rather than wider, or a drop in electric cooktop with a compact wall oven. Stainless steel gives a clean, sleek look that will complement any small kitchen. Keep colors consistent to give the illusion of more space by painting your walls to match your appliances and cabinetry. For example, pale gray paired with stainless, or white on white.

Choose Colors Wisely

There is a reason tone-on-tone color schemes have been a popular trend in decorating over the past few years. Limiting the look of your space to one overall hue creates visual consistency, and a calming vibe. The old school of thought is that pale colors reflect light and make the space feel bigger. Even though this is sound advice, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for a dark kitchen if that is what your prefer. Deep tones such as navy, charcoal, chocolate or black help create the visual effect that your walls are further back than they really are.

Replace Solid Cabinet Doors with GlassRTA-Roosevelt-Mocha-Vandyke-Distress-Semi-Custom

Consider replacing solid cabinet doors with glass front doors for an airier feel. Just don’t clutter the interior shelves, or you’ll defeat the purpose. Look for dishes, pottery, or glassware to put on display that will complement the theme and colors of your kitchen.

Clear The Clutter

Have a few extra appliances you know you’re never going to use? Get rid of them! Keep the small appliances you do use out of sight, neatly tucked inside cabinets or in a pantry, to keep your countertop space free of clutter.

Choose Small Scale Furnishings

Streamlined stools, narrow tables, and tall chairs leave additional floor space to help widen your kitchen. Avoid purchasing furniture with chunky legs, which adds visual bulk. Also consider a portable kitchen cart as an alternative way to store extra items that can be transported from room to room when space is needed.

Mix Natural And Ambient Light

Consider putting in a skylight to open up the ceiling and allow more light to stream through. Bay windows also help to create an open kitchen, by visually expanding your space. Complement natural light with ambient and task lighting to provide the same effect after daylight hours.

Perfect Personal Touches

Keep décor to a minimum for a cleaner look, and stick with a consistent theme to allow the items you do display to visually flow with one another. Strike the perfect balance with personal touches to add warmth and provide illusion of a larger space.Society-Shaker-Vanilla-With-Island-Semi-Custom

Design With Clean Lines

Ornate cabinets with busy details can be lovely in a large kitchen, but will certainly weigh down a small one. Instead, keep elements tailored, sleek and smooth. This will help create a roomier space for the necessities within your kitchen.

Direct The Eye Upward

Work with the vertical lines of the wall to help guide the eye toward the ceiling. Choose patterns and visual elements that lend the impression of greater height, such as kitchen cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling. 

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